Airsoft has been rapidly getting more popular throughout the years. It has become a great recreational activity for solo to group players. It is a game of target shooting, whether you shoot targets such as cans to even people, who of course are wearing protective gear, as a game or competition. 


Playing a game of airsoft can either be extremely fun, tedious, or challenging. The outcome of your game will depend on your performance and the performance of the gun you use. This is because your skills can be sharpened and improved, but a low-performance gun will stay as a low-performance gun. 

So, we are giving you a little cheat sheet of the best airsoft sniper rifle that ranges from its price to your level of experience in shooting airsoft guns. 


What is an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

What is an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

If you want to experience accurate shooting at a low cost, airsoft sniper rifles are the ideal weapon to purchase. An airsoft sniper rifles’ accuracy and precision are factors you should be looking for in the best airsoft sniper rifle. It should also provide you with superb accuracy, precision, high-quality accessory upgrade options, power, and a great build.


If you already have the rest of the infantry-style weapons such as pistols, an airsoft sniper rifle is the finest addition to your collection. Owning an M14 or a small handgun like a pistol is a different but great experience. However, owning an airsoft sniper rifle will provide a one-of-a-kind shooting experience that you will never forget. This kind of airsoft gun is excellent for shooters who enjoy a good stealthy hunting and shooting experience. And adding a scope to your sniper rifle will boost the sniper rifles’ power and authenticity. 

The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Looking for the best airsoft sniper rifle can come at different levels and price ranges. In terms of price, you can never really say that the most expensive is the best one. There are great sniper rifles that will fit your budget. While there is also your level of experience, a great sniper rifle that would work best for beginners and experienced shooters. 


With the sniper rifles listed below, you can determine which will work best for you in terms of price and level of experience. 


Here, we have listed airsoft sniper rifles that range from a low to high price point.



1. Well MB4411G Bolt Spring Sniper

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  • Type: Spring (Bolt Action)
  • Material: ABS / Metal
  • Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds
  • Velocity: 410 fps
  • Ammo: .20g & Above


The Well MB4411G Bolt Spring Sniper provides numerous great features that you would typically see in a high-end sniper rifle. This sniper rifle won’t break your budget but will give you several excellent features and an authentic feel.


The accuracy of this sniper rifle is on-point, making it great to use for long-range shooting. It also comes with an adjustable hop-up, a tactical frame that lessens the guns’ recoil, and lastly, a Picatinny mounting rail system that lets you further personalize it. The spring-loaded speed loader holds a 25-round magazine, which is on the smaller side but still adequate. The Well MB4411G also provides you with a spare magazine, so you can simply interchange magazines while out in the hunting or shooting field.


Finally, the exterior body is constructed of ABS, which shields it from moisture as well as other environmental conditions. In contrast, the interior mechanism components are made of a much stronger metal. This is the ideal balance of portability and durability, as well as reliability. 



  • Durable and reliable with its all-weather design
  • Bolt Action


  • First few shots may sound louder but will gradually get quieter the more you use it
  • Not great quality mount

2. Double Eagle Field Marksman Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun


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  • High strength ABS polymer stock
  • Full metal barrel, bolt and trigger
  • Velocity: 400-420 FPS with .20g BBs
  • Adjustable hop up system
  • Front rail mount for bi-pods and other accessories


If you want to start shooting airsoft guns that won’t break the bank, you should choose the Double Eagle Field Marksman. Considering the price range, it is among the most outstanding rifles available, and it is also a good choice for beginners as a starter sniper rifle.


Pure metal was used to construct the trigger, bolt, and barrel, providing you a lot of durability while maintaining the authentic feel. It is an excellent choice for people who prefer the heavy feel of the metal components. The stock is also made of solid ABS polymer. The solid ABS polymer enhances impact resistance. Not only that, but the stock also has a variety of adjustment options, such as the strength of pull and comb length, so you can tailor the Double Eagle Field Marksman to fit your physique.


With an above-average maximum velocity of 420 fps, the rifle provides ample range for most airsoft games. Overall, the weapon is an excellent choice for people who seek a low-cost airsoft sniper rifle.



  • Stock is made with a high-quality ABS polymer 
  • The barrel, trigger, and bolt are all composed of pure metal, resulting in reliability and little to no recoil.
  • There’s also an adjustable hop-up mechanism for ease when firing.


  • Magazine is not super durable
  • Does not come with a scope


3. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62

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  • POWERFUL SPRING LOADED – Highly Detailed Airsoft Sniper Rifle and Shooting Powerfully with .2g BBs
  • HIGH QUALITY BUILT – Airsoft gun replicas with detailed finish and ABS polymer construction to reinforce platform
  • PRECISION MADE – Precision machine made shooting longer distance with added stability and precision
  • FAST LOADING – Airsoft guns using Clip for fast and simple reload for quick turnaround
  • BOLT ACTION- Highly realistic bolt action to load and release on shooting with real feeling for authenticity


The BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 is quite a great airsoft sniper rifle in this price range, considering that it can offer you an impressive performance just like a high-end would. 


The bolt has a functional safety and is made out of metal, making it durable and even a bit heavy, giving it an authentic feel. The polymer has also been used to make the stock. The best part is that the seams are practically invisible because the polymer is molded. This indicates that you’ll have an excellent experience out in the field.


A downside of this gun is that its trigger and the barrel are made out of polymer. This will make the sniper rifle a little lighter than we would want to, but its performance trumps this downside. Another downside of this gun is that the scope that comes with it is not the best out there, though you can buy a different scope that you can use.


The brand has been producing some great airsoft guns at very reasonable prices, and if you want a fashionable weapon that stands out from the crowd, this sniper rifle is the one for you.



  • Great value for your money
  • Realistic 
  • Very accurate
  • Comes with accessories
  • Adjustable length of pull and comb
  • Molded polymer stock


  • Polymer barrel and trigger
  • Not the best scope


4. Well MB08 L96




  • Operation: Bolt Action
  • Build: Aluminum Outer Barrel/ Fiber Polymer Handguard
  • Firing Modes: Single Shot/ Bolt Action
  • Muzzle Velocity: 470 – 480 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
  • Magazine: 24rd Capacity
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Overall Length: 37″ in. / 45″ in. (Retracted / Extended)
  • Scope: 3-9×40 RIFLE SCOPE w/RINGS
  • Bipod: Fits All MB Series


The Well MB08 L96 has higher quality externals and a much more durable full metal receiver and barrel, as well as a sturdy, solid polymer stock. Regarding its external build quality, it is one of the greatest sniper rifles, with a well-rotating stock that folds in the center, much the same as the actual L96/AWM/AWP.


Another of the qualities the MB08 excels at is ergonomics and ease, which this sniper rifle claims to give you. The L96 comes with a 3x-9x scope with a simple crosshair and 2.5 in. eye relief. It also has an adjustable aluminum bipod that stretches to 10 in. and a detachable monopod on the back that extends for further ease of use. Finally, despite the range in FPS, the accuracy is outstanding, and the hop-up did not have to be modified to obtain solid rounds with great backspin, which is another advantage of Well’s sniper rifle.


The Well MB08 L96 is a good option for an upgraded platform for a customizable sniper rifle, thanks to its great stock, receiver, frame, and bipod, as well as the money you save on stock internals. 



  • It is a bolt-action
  • Reliable
  • Accurate


  • Stock is not the best
  • Fragile internals


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5. Well Full Metal MB08

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  • Muzzle Velocity: 450-460 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Folding stock for easier storage and transportation
  • Added monopod on stock
  • Ergonomic design
  • 20mm scope rail


The Well Full Metal MB08 is a bolt action sniper rifle built to resemble much like classic L96. The outer tube of the barrel is perforated and full metal, and as a result, the gun has exceptional organic accuracy.


The stock is built of high-quality molded polymer stock and is also foldable, making it portable. At the same time, both the entire length and cheek riser are also adjustable. And due to the adjustments, the rifle can fit perfectly to your preference, and you could even personalize it to match any other guns you own. And with its integrated optics rail, you’ll be able to have very accurate shots out on the field.


Finally, its BBs have a maximum velocity of 440 FPS which is enough to give you a long-range advantage. And despite the sniper rifles’ high muzzle velocity, drawing back the bolt is simple, which means you can get rapid follow-up shots whenever you need them.



  • Easy to pull back the bolt
  • Highly accurate
  • Molded polymer is very high quality and can give you numerous adjustment options
  • Portable due to its foldable stock
  • Durable and reliable


  • Hop-up is not easy to manage


6. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec


  • High strength polymer receiver
  • VSR-10 system
  • Aluminum outer barrel and metal bolt assembly
  • Integrated 20mm rail for mounting optics
  • Mock suppressor included
  • Compact bull barrel
  • FPS Range: 260-290
  • Magazine Capacity: 30rds
  • Muzzle Velocity: 290 FPS (0.20g BBs)
  • Fire Modes: Single Shot, Safety
  • System: Bolt Action
  • Hop-up: Adjustable


The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec is one of the most excellent airsoft sniper rifles there is. With its many great features, you are bound to get interested.


The VSR-10 G-Spec is a spring-powered bolt action airsoft rifle that is almost like its sister gun, the JG’s BAR-10. Tokyo Marui’s guns are designed to be very durable, and the VSR-10 G-Spec does not disappoint in terms of its durability out in the field and when stored. 


Some may notice, especially experienced shooters, that the muzzle velocity of the VSR-10 is slightly lower than other airsoft guns. This is because Japanese local rules governing allowable energy output in joules for airsoft guns. Please note that this sniper rifle is made in Japan, which is why they follow Japanese law. 


Lastly, in terms of personalization and customization, the Marui VSR-10, on the other hand, is a wonderful way to guarantee that you’ve got an exceptionally sturdy base to construct a genuinely formidable sniper rifle, as you can easily personalize and customize this gun to fit your taste. 



  • Great quality
  • Extremely durable
  • Accurate
  • Spring-powered, so no need for batteries nor gas
  • Customizable 
  • Includes great accessories like the standard Picatinny rail up top for attaching optics and the mock suppressor 


  • Quite expensive
  • Best for more experienced shooters.


Level of Experience

Your level of experience should also be put into consideration when choosing a sniper rifle because there are a few guns that are quite hard to manage, especially if you are a beginner in airsoft. 


7. GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

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  • Sniper rifle with a one-piece precision metal barrel for long-range shooting
  • Dual Picatinny accessory rails for your favorite accessories
  • Synthetic stock with rubber recoil pad
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Easy to load magazine holds 29 rounds
  • Includes: Ammo speedloader, 29 rd magazine and cleaning rod


The GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle is undeniably one of the greatest-looking and high-performance guns that even beginners can use.


It is an excellent-looking, quality-performance, and well-designed sniper rifle. It is also very durable and reliable as it was made with high-quality materials. This sniper rifle features a one-piece precision metal barrel that gives you outstanding accuracy right out of this sniper rifles’ box. With the use of the one-piece precision metal barrel, this gun is excellent for long-range. 


This gun also has an adjustable hop-up system which you can customize to your liking. And lastly, the GameFace GF529 is spring powered, meaning you do not have to buy any batteries or gas, saving you a lot of money. 


Overall, this gun is well-constructed and has features that beginners want and need when they are just starting. 



  • High accurate with its one-piece precision metal barrel
  • Excellent quality and is built with high-quality materials
  • Spring-powered
  • Easy to load 


  • No scope included
  • Designed mostly for backyard shooting (this is great for beginners, especially for practice)



  • High quality aluminum alloy trigger assembly w/ adjustable trigger break / pull
  • TM and Angel Custom aftermarket VSR-10 upgrade parts compatibility
  • Polished aluminum cylinder with brass cylinder head & nozzle provides smooth pull and consistent performance
  • Adjustable metal hop-up unit
  • Sturdy polymer stock with rubber pad and rubberized matte black finish
  • 20mm Weaver optics rail included (installation required)
  • Harris-style bipod mounting lug
  • 3-9×40 rifle scope included
  • FPS: 400 – 475
  • Color: Black
  • 450 FPS + 3-9×40 Scope


The Evike JG VSR-10 / BAR-10 is an excellent addition to your collection as it has been regarded as one of the best airsoft sniper rifles for beginners. It’s not just that, this manufacturer is also well regarded in the airsoft industry and well-known for producing high-quality rifles.


Its interior features make this rifle an excellent weapon, with its parts providing an enormous and unrivaled amount of upgrades for you. This rifle also has a cylindrical metal tube and a steel trigger box mechanism.


The rifle is simple to use owing to its metal lever and metal-cocking bolt, which is perfect for beginner shooters. Its spring system is also powerful yet stiff, and with the sniper rifles’ high-speed of 400fps, it performs admirably, and the velocity may be easily increased to your liking.


This sniper rifle would be the perfect starting rifle for any beginner. It’s easy to use, accurate, and has numerous features that a beginner will enjoy!



  • Easy to use and manage
  • Accurate
  • Great velocity that can be increased
  • Spring system of the rifle is strong and durable
  • Reliable on the field
  • Made with high-quality material


  • Quite heavy (some beginners might not enjoy a heavy rifle but it does give an authentic feel)

9. A&K M24 Airsoft Gun

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  • Features: Manufacturer: A&K Spring Powered
  • Powerful Bolt Action Velocity (FPS): 450 Spot On Accuracy
  • Magazine Capacity: 15 Rounds Metal Reinforced Barrel with Strong Plastic Parts Black Polymer Body and Stock
  • Integrated RIS for Accessories Polymer Stock is Adjustable Weight and Length is Perfect, Has the Feel of a real M24 Modeled to the Exact Specifications of the US Army’s Standard Sniper Rifle, the M24
  • Length: 44″


The  A&K M24 Airsoft Gun can go head-to-head with the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec and is one of the highest performance stock sniper rifles. 


In today’s market, the A&K M24 comes with steel internals and a 90-degree trigger that is a game-changer. The stock is solid and heavy, which gives this gun a much more authentic feel as it does not have the cheap plastic feel of certain airsoft guns.


The adjustable buttpad wobbles a bit, but not much. Plastic is used to make the magazines, unlike the receiver, which is constructed of aluminum. The outer barrel is also made out of aluminum. The only negative aspect is the scarcity of spares or A&K M24 upgrade components on the market directly drop-in, which is unfortunate. Still, it does not affect the rifle’s performance. 


Overall, the A&K M24 is one of the finest choices for anyone on a tight budget, and we strongly recommend it. And for the value of your money, you get a lot of excellent internal components that other sniper rifles don’t have. The  A&K M24 functions great even if it has only been out of the box. And once you have upgraded and modified a few aspects, it can compete favorably with other sniper rifles. However, for the rifle to function even better than it already is, some enhancing, modifying, and upgrading here-and-there is required. 



  • Great value for your money
  • Has excellent features
  • Steel internals
  • Upgradable
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comfortable to use as it sits nicely on your shoulder


  • Quite heavy
  • Needs a but of modifying
  • Upgrade parts are limited


Our Top 3 Picks

1. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec

The first one in our top 3 picks is the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec. This is because the TM VSR-10 is an exceptional sniper rifle that shooters should at least try even once in their lives. The TM VSR-10 features numerous great qualities, such as its high-strength polymer receiver.

And the VSR-10 system. Its outer barrel and metal bolt are also made with aluminum, making it durable and adds a bit of weight to give that authentic feel to it. It also has an integrated 20mm rail to mount scopes to enhance the rifles’ accuracy and precision when aiming at the target.


Not only that, but this rifle is very customizable. You can personalize this gun as much as you want, especially for experienced shooters who have a particular preference on how they want their guns to be.

2. A&K M24 Airsoft Gun

Next up is the A&K M24 Airsoft Gun. As mentioned, the A&K M24 is a great contender for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec. This is because of the A&K’s many great features. Although the A&K M24 is quite different from the TM VSR-10, they are both high-quality, have excellent accuracy, and are both constructed well for target shooting. 


One of the differentiating factors of the two of them is that the A&K M24 is much more budget-friendly than the VSR-10 that is almost $300. The M24 is excellent if you are looking for a high-quality sniper rifle when you are on a budget.

3. Double Eagle Field Marksman Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun 

Finally, the Double Eagle Field Marksman Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun. Double Eagle is one of the best manufacturers of sniper rifles, especially if you are on a budget. They made the Field Marksman with high-quality materials, yet they could still make this sniper rifle budget-friendly. They did not compromise the quality. They also added several outstanding features such as its high-strength ABS polymer stock, a full metal barrel, bolt, and trigger to give that authentic feel. There is also its adjustable hop-up system and a front rail mount for bi-pods and other accessories which other rifles don’t have. 

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Brands

Tokyo Marui

One of the best manufacturers of airsoft guns is Tokyo Marui. Although they are expensive, you are getting your money’s worth. Tokyo Marui has been making well-crafted, innovative, durable, and high-dependable guns for years already. They are already known in the airsoft gun community as a top-notch manufacturer. With their precision in making guns, its outcome would come out excellent. Not only that, but they are known for their durable guns.

Double Eagle

If Tokyo Marui guns have high-quality, expensive guns, Double Eagle provides you with great quality guns and a budget-friendly price. They are known for their fast deliveries and outstanding customer service, but of course, they’re low-cost guns too.


They try to create their airsoft guns at the lowest possible price while maintaining quality. And they also advise their customers to communicate with their customer support if they have any problems with the items they receive. They are ready and eager to reach an amicable conclusion as soon as possible.


BBTac is well-known for producing high-quality airsoft guns, accessories, and BBs. Furthermore, they continue to deliver high-quality goods by constantly enhancing their innovations. They are a process-driven and market-driven business that provides and introduces new products and solutions for their customers, which is why they surpass their rivals on many different levels.


Well is a top manufacturer of airsoft sniper rifles. Their unending objective is to give their customer the highest-quality and top-performing airsoft gun to achieve customer satisfaction.


Because of their desire to engage in the business, purpose, honesty, passion for excellence, devotion to their customers, and hard work, they have managed to become a leading company for over ten years already. Their hard work for the past ten years has paid off.


What You Should Look for in a Sniper Rifle?


If you want a powerful or hunting sniper rifle, then you should consider getting a rifle that has a higher velocity. This is because the higher the velocity, the stronger the ammunition will shoot out of the gun. But if you just want to practice target shooting or just shooting for fun, a lower fps would be most suitable instead of a higher velocity sniper rifle.


If you want to check out powerful airsoft guns, then you should check out our article about the “Most Powerful and Well-Built Airsoft Gun 2021.”

BBs or Pellets 

The heavier the ammunition is, the more accurate your shot is going to be. Why? This is because the weight of the ammunition will stabilize the ammo when it propels out of the gun. But if you want something much faster, then you should consider getting lighter ammo, although the only drawback of lighter ammo is that your shot won’t be as accurate as it was with heavier ammo.


If you want to learn more about the similarities and differences of BBs and pellets for you to determine which one is best for you, then  our article about “Pellet Gun VS BB Gun – What’s the Difference?” is the one for you!


What is a sniper rifle without its scope? A scope can help you get a much clearer shot of your target. And with a more detailed look at your target, you can get a much more accurate and clean shot. But this depends on the quality of the scope. How great and high-quality your optics will determine if your scope will help you out on the field or not.


As mentioned, you can check our article about scopes to learn more about them.


Lastly, the build and how well-constructed the sniper rifle is. You must check everything beforehand and see if all parts and even accessories are made of high-quality materials. This will also help you know if you are getting your money’s value. 


There are airsoft guns made with plastic, steel, metal, or a mix of these. If you want to get the authentic feel of a gun, then get the metal or steel gun, but if you are a beginner and want a lighter gun, opt for the plastic and metal gun. 

When Using a Sniper Rifle – Take Precautionary Measures

When using airsoft sniper rifles, you should be cautious as these guns may not be able to kill, but they can seriously injure someone, especially if they are not wearing protective gear. So, always remember to use protective equipment whenever you play a game of airsoft with a group. 


Playing airsoft with sniper rifles is extremely fun, especially if you play with a group of friends. And the kind of sniper rifle you choose will determine if it’s going to be much more fun than it already is.


The sniper rifles mentioned above are one of the greatest in the market. You just have to determine which gun is fitting for you. So, have fun choosing, and don’t forget to do your research!


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