As someone who likes to go on hunts or target shoots, you must know the importance and usefulness of a pair of shooting gloves. Anyone using guns would most likely wish to use shooting gloves because it makes shooting much more effortless than not using shooting gloves. Although using shooting gloves is not always a necessity, it’s better to have a pair for any case that you might need.

Some might think that they don’t need shooting gloves, they’re expensive, or it’s just a business’ way to get you to buy their products, then you’re in for a treat because shooting gloves do have a great purpose. 

If you don’t use shooting gloves or buy the cheapest pair, you’re more likely to get your hand-beaten with the impact of the recoil or blowback of the gun and the heat that the gun may emit from the hot gun barrels. This will prevent your hands from getting blisters that might affect your shooting experience. 

So, not only do shooting gloves protect your hands from the guns’ impact, but thicker gloves will also protect your hands from Mother Natures’ whims, while thinner gloves will give you a better grip on your gun. In addition, thicker shooting gloves are great for harsher weather, while thinner ones will provide you with a better grip and are great if you sweat a lot. 

Whether you use these shooting gloves for hunting or target shooting, the best pair of shooting gloves will reduce your risk of getting blisters on your hands. 

So, we listed a few of the best shooting gloves below.

The Best Shooting Gloves

Below, the listed shooting gloves are a few of the greatest choices, though they have their cons, they also each have their redeeming qualities. It just depends on what your preferences are, such as fingerless or full and thick or thin. Now, all you have to do is weigh out your needs and preferences to be able to choose the best shooting gloves for you.

Fingerless Tactical Shooting Gloves

Fingerless shooting gloves cover the main parts of your hands to keep them warm while allowing your fingers to have more control with activities that need manual dexterity.

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Fingerless Covert Tactical Gloves are great fingerless gloves. They are also the fingerless version of the full-finger M-pact that Mechanix Wear already has.

They’re the same glove, only the fingers are chopped down beyond the very first joint. The palm is the same synthetic, cushioned, and reinforced material that is ideal for grip and recoil protection. Except for the forefinger, the backs of the fingers still contain rubber protection. 

So, you might think, “ I can just cut off the extra fabric from the full-finger gloves”, that is true, except that the M-Pact Covert Fingerless Gloves are much less expensive than the original full-finger M-Pact ones. Although, the fingerless design allows you to keep your fingers’ full dexterity. However, you do lose some protection.

The only disadvantage of the M-Pact Fingerless Covert is that the bottom section has a small curvature that extends outward. This is to add a little extra support to your joints. However, the sensation of this synthetic leather being squeezed into your finger joints may be an unpleasant sensation for some, though it does not affect everyone.


  • Great armor
  • Gives full dexterity
  • Excellent for any finger length
  • Highly rated 
  • Great value for your money


  • The odd ends may have an unpleasant or uncomfortable sensation for some
  • Not true to size, so you must measure your hands beforehand to double-check

Finding a great pair of shooting gloves can be a hard task, especially if you are on the larger side. Luckily, the Beretta Men’s Mesh Half Finger Shooting Glove was designed perfectly for enhanced comfort, even if you have larger hands.

The fact that the Beretta Men’s Mesh Half Finger Shooting Glove is fingerless, they can provide you with enhanced comfort. The gloves are made of a flexible breathable mesh material that molds to the contour of your hands. And the textured material gives a strong grip without reducing dexterity.

Additionally, the palm of these gloves is textured to give a secure grip. The unique mesh material used throughout the glove also provides excellent ventilation, so even if the weather is really hot, your hand won’t sweat as much and you will find your hands to be feeling cool and comfortable.

Having a gun that has a sensitive trigger may cause some problems, but fortunately, the gloves expose your bare fingers to help you do simple tasks easily. You’ll have an easier job of loading and reloading your gun, handling anything delicate while still having your hands be protected by the gloves.


  • Made with great an excellent mesh material
  • Great value for your money
  • Features a textured palm
  • Excellent for people who have larger sized hands
  • Minimizes your hand sweat
  • Shields your hand from recoil


  • Not ideal for the colder weather as they are made with a mesh material
  • Limited finger protection

The Titan OPS Fingerless Tactical Shooting Gloves are one of the most versatile and multi-purpose shooting gloves in the market. Why? It is because manufacturers not only make them for shooters, but they are also great for other activities such as motorcycle riding. 

The exposed fingertips on the Titan Ops Half-Finger Gloves improve dexterity, which is especially useful when using weapons with smaller triggers or smaller trigger guards. The palm is heavily cushioned, which aids in the damping of rebound, making this glove an excellent choice for users with joint difficulties.

The grip is excellent because the uncovered hands provide consumers with a bare-hand skin sensation. But, in terms of heat protection, this half-fingered alternative is not ideal. The exposed fingers are not covered in any manner, although the palm region is heavily cushioned for insulation against the hot metal handguard. 

And as mentioned, the lack of finger protection puts you at a disadvantage because the fingers lack an insulated covering, you are vulnerable to heat from the barrel as well as frostbite if you shoot in cold weather. Another drawback of these gloves is that the wrist wraps are a little thick, which limits your range of motion, making the gloves unsuitable for long periods of shooting.


  • Cushioned palm
  • Has excellent grip and level of dexterity
  • Great palm protection 


  • Limited finger protection
  • Not ideal for long periods of shooting

A highly rated fingerless glove, the Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Fingerless Sports Gloves are excellent for target shooting and hunting. These Seibertron gloves may be adjusted to fit almost any hand, male or female, thanks to two Velcro straps. The finger holes are intended for a snug fit that is both pleasant and difficult to remove. 

The fingerless design allows for steady, precise trigger control while the cushioning in the glove reduces recoil and vibration, which seems to appeal to frequent shooters. They’re also extremely robust, with additional cushioning over the knuckles and finger backs, making them ideal for usage in the field.

Fingerless gloves are difficult to beat for fingertip tactility. The padding in the palm and across the knuckles is very thick and can restrict dexterity. This irritates some passionate shooters since they lose some hold in their grips. 

And even though these are fingerless gloves, shooters using these gloves in colder areas have reported that the extra padding keeps them warm.


  • Excellent dexterity
  • Cushions the palm from recoil
  • Adjustable 
  • Reduces recoil and vibration


  • Limited finger protection
  • Thick padding may restrict motion and may lose hold of the grip

These Glove Station Fingerless Sports Tactical Gloves are a must-buy, especially if you’re looking for budget-friendly shooting gloves that can do a great job. 

It features a reinforced knuckle molding to protect your hands, especially your fingers for when your guns recoil or if your gun suddenly ricochets, preventing your finger from any possible damage. It is very durable with its double-stitch seams and the reinforced knuckle molding.

With its padded mesh and rubber aero vents, it will give you excellent ventilation when you use these shooting gloves in hotter weather conditions. Although, it may not be ideal to use for colder weather. 

Another drawback that every fingerless shooting glove has is that it has limited finger protection. Though, being able to have excellent dexterity can make up for this drawback. You have to just make sure that you’re extra careful to prevent or lessen any damage your fingers may get.


  • Great value for your money
  • Breathable
  • Excellent for hotter weather
  • Gives a full range of motion
  • Cushions your palm from recoil


  • Limited finger protection
  • Not ideal for the cold weather

Full-Finger Tactical Shooting Gloves

A full-finger shooting glove is the most ideal glove you can use when you decide to go out target shooting or hunting because it provides your hands full protection against any situation. Although you do lose dexterity, you are assured that your hands are protected from your guns’ recoil and/or heat, and even the weather conditions.

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The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves are heavy-duty work shooting gloves that can withstand harsh shooting conditions, making them ideal for hunting.

The palms are constructed of synthetic leather and are padded with D3O and reinforced with Armortex. This improves the absorption of recoil, allowing you to shoot at mass quantities easily. It also provides excellent grip, ensuring that you never lose your gun.

The forefinger and thumb have a double layer of reinforcement so the material won’t get damaged. The fingers and thumb feature a second layer of fortification so the material won’t get torn through. The rear of the glove is primarily made of either cushioned mesh or thermoplastic rubber, allowing you to bang and scratch your hand all day without getting seriously injured.


  • Very durable
  • Can prevent your hands from getting cuts and blisters
  • Great value for your money


  • Less dexterity
  • The padding is a bit thick which may lessen your accuracy.

These PIG Full Dexterity Tactical shooting gloves provide an outstanding barehanded feel shooting experience. This guarantees that you will get the dexterity necessary to operate your weapon. The unique Touch Screen Conductive Thumb and Trigger Finger material provide this.

Every detail of these gloves has been meticulously engineered for maximum comfort and a secure grip. The finger you use to push the trigger is composed of very thin material, making it exceedingly simple to pull the trigger.

The whole glove is designed with air holes to make it breathable and provide excellent perspiration dissipation. The thin film multi-piece palm is thin and adds to the breathability of the gloves. However, you can be certain that the exterior material of these gloves is quite durable and won’t easily tear.


  • Provided you with excellent dexterity
  • Use a conductive material for easy access to gadgets
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Not true to size, so measure your hand carefully

The Mechanix Wear MG-55-008 is a refined version of the Mechanix Wear’s very successful “Original” glove. The only variation may well be the colors; nevertheless, all other performance components, particularly material and cushioning, are identical.

The synthetic leather used here protects your hands from blistering. However, because of the lower density, it’s not quite as protective as real leather, and some heat may pass through the glove. Along with the leather structure, this pair has a breathable TekDry mesh that encourages free airflow, wicks away perspiration, and keeps your hands cool and comfortable in hotter weather conditions.

Lastly, the grip extends deeper to the finger region, encouraging improved grip on the controls and dexterity for ammunition loading. The finger fitting, on the other hand, is excellent for individuals with average fingers, however, if you have thin fingers, the glove may seem a little too loose for you.


  • Excellent grip
  • Improves dexterity
  • True to size
  • Breathable and flexible


  • Not ideal to be used for pistols

5.11 Competition Shooting Gloves are a popular choice for rifle, shotgun, and handgun gloves. They’re excellent for professional and tactical shooting, but they’re not as long-lasting as compared to other shooting gloves. Nonetheless, they are an excellent alternative for those who are not using these gloves for long periods.

The palm is composed of a tactile but not abrasive synthetic suede. It’s ventilated and airy, so your palm won’t sweat excessively. You can feel the trigger and utilize your smartphone with your fingertips.

To preserve dexterity, the rear of the glove is largely elastic, with neoprene covering the knuckles and joints in an accordion design. Finally, it also features a strengthened patch to avoid sliding bites and a microfiber patch on the thumb.


  • Great for shooting and hunting competitions
  • Ideal for hotter weather because it keeps the hands cool


  • Not ideal for colder weather conditions
  • The grip can be improved

The Magpul Technical Gloves are a suitable choice for prolonged and semi-cold conditions, particularly if further protection is not required. They won’t keep your hands warm in the cold and snowy weather, but they will keep your hands warm in the chilly wind weather conditions. Its heat dissipation takes a little longer, which is perhaps one of the reasons it’s also a good alternative for usage in cooler temperatures.

One disadvantage of these shooting gloves is that there are no visible reinforcing layers or sturdiness in the palms, which is common in other gloves. Despite the absence of reinforcements, the material structure is more robust than it seems.

Lastly, because of the soft and slightly elastic material composition, this pair is extremely form-fitting. They’re tight yet not confining.


  • Wind-resistant
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Can keep your hands moderately warm in the cold weather.


  • May slide off due to it lacks a closure

What is a Tactical Glove?

Tactical gloves are intended to protect your hands and fingers from physical damage or injury while allowing you to maintain dexterity. They’re great for shooting and other sports that require speed and accuracy, as well as protecting your hands from breaks in the skin. Military personnel, special operations, first responders, hunters, gun aficionados and enthusiasts, and airsoft and archery professionals are the most common users of tactical gloves.

They are composed of engineered fabrics that are light and flexible. The type of gloves you require is determined by how they will be used, the environment in which you will be using them, and your preferences.

Tactical gloves emphasize dexterity above durability and protection from a variety of hazards that you may encounter. They must be form-fitting and flexible whilst performing their function and protecting your hands from wounds. This is generally accomplished through the use of a mix of materials and fabrics. Depending on the glove, neoprene, foam, silicone, velcro,  synthetic leather, and spandex may be used in the construction of the shooting gloves.

Pros and Cons of Fingerless Tactical and Full-Finger Shooting Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves have some of the same features as full-finger gloves and are an excellent choice for activities requiring accurate handling of smaller items such as loading your gun with ammunition.


  • They are much more breathable and lighter in weight, making them ideal for hotter weather conditions.
  • They’re great for shooting and weapon control since full-finger gloves might hamper your control.
  • They’re versatile.
  • Lastly, they prevent the main part of your hands from getting cuts and scratches while not limiting hand movement.


  • They do not provide full protection against burns, hazardous substances, and wounds to your fingers.
  • Because they provide less warmth and insulation, they are not typically advised to use in extremely low-temperature weather.

Full-Finger Gloves

Full-finger gloves provide additional protection since they cover your entire hand and are typically preferred over fingerless gloves in circumstances where the risk of cuts, scratches, or blisters is significant.


  • They are typically preferred for cold settings because they help avoid frostbite and unsteady fingers caused by decreased blood flow caused by the cold.
  • They help keep debris out of your gloves.
  • They provide enhanced protection against harm in the event of a fall or coming into touch with any sharp or hazardous items.
  • When your hands become wet due to dirt, water, snow, perspiration, etc., they typically provide a greater grip than just your bare fingertips.


  • When it comes to handling small items such as ammo and dealing with delicate or compact equipment and machines, they provide you with limited dexterity.
  • Lastly, they are not as breathable and comfortable, especially in hotter weather conditions. 

Why You Should Use Shooting Gloves

You may ask, “Why do I even need gloves?” Well, a pair of gloves’ purpose is to prevent your hands from getting any cuts and blisters when you’re out shooting. Not only is it perfect for shooting, but you can also use it to warm your hands when you’re in a colder area. It is very versatile and multi-purpose. 

When shooting, you know that direct skin contact helps you to grasp the trigger better, allowing you to obtain a better grip and trigger pull. However, in some instances, using your bare hands may not be the greatest option. Why? This is since the gun’s metal reacts to temperature change more so than polymer would. 

The metal feels chilly when it becomes cold but when metal gets hot, it gets heated, giving you a hard time holding it without gloves. A black metal gun that is left out in the sun can get extremely hot to the touch that when you hold it with your bare hands, it could give you burns or even blisters. So, getting excellent shooting gloves will allow you to operate your weapon comfortably in either hot or cold weather conditions.

Not only can the weather influence the temperature of your metal gun, but it may also become heated due to the hot combustion that accumulates over time if you fire repeatedly, which is common in competitive shooting. Not to mention, a guns’ recoil can also accumulate over time.

Your gun can also smack your hand every time you shoot it, especially if it has great recoil power. Shooting your gun numerous times can cause the recoil to make your hands sore, especially with high-powered, heavy-hitting guns. Aside from the recoil and heat, some gun triggers can tear up your finger. 

So, if you’re participating in shooting and or even hunting competitions, you’ll be moving around and perhaps exposing your knuckles to severe circumstances. Even a small level of support and protection for your hands can go a long way.

Lastly, gloves provide some shielding against lead exposure on the range.

Shooting Gloves: Buyers’ Guide

Before you purchase shooting gloves, there are certain factors that you must consider. Whether the pair you want to buy is perfect for you and for the environment in which you will use the shooting gloves. Below, we listed 9 factors that you must consider before purchasing a pair of shooting gloves.

Fingerless or Full-Finger Shooting Gloves?

When choosing the right shooting gloves, the first thing you need to think about is if what you need and want is a fingerless glove or a full-finger glove? A few of the factors that go into choosing which kind of glove you’ll purchase are the environment in which you’ll use it and how much protection your hands need.

The fingerless gloves are great for starters because of the ease of reloading and great dexterity it provides. Fingerless shooting gloves are also great for those whose fingers are larger, slimmer, or broader than what glove manufacturers consider to be ordinary. However, they do not provide as much insulation and protection compared to a full-finger glove. It will not be able to protect you from the cold or any cuts and blisters you might get. 

While a pair of full-finger gloves will keep your hand warm during the cold weather and will be able to give you better protection against cuts and blisters. They also have enough cushioning to absorb recoil effectively and shield your hands from the heat of the gun. Although their only disadvantage is that they make reloading and operating slightly more difficult, giving you not much dexterity, but this is only until you get used to them. 


Dexterity is the ability to use your hands and fingers to hold, manipulate, or otherwise manage items. A great tactical shooting glove will provide you with a free range of motion in your hands which should allow you to use and operate small and delicate equipment. This factor is linked to the fit of a glove, whether it is a full-finger or a fingerless shooting glove.

Fingerless gloves do not interfere with fingertip sensitivity, but they also do not give any finger protection and are not as ideal for colder weather conditions. The best tactical shooting gloves maximize the fit, function, and dexterity of the circumstances in which they are being used. Determining the best shooting glove is as simple as analyzing the situations under which you will use it and deciding where you want to be on the fit, function, and/or dexterity.

Fabric or Material

It is critical to pay great attention to the materials and fabrics used to make your gloves, whether it may be a fingerless or full-finger glove. This is because the material that was used to construct your gloves will have an impact on just how comfortable, flexible, and protected your hands will be during shooting. 

Gloves with a thinner material are designed for dexterity, while gloves constructed with thicker materials are great for insulation and protection. 

Materials such as leather, suede, and goatskin are natural materials that are made to a higher quality standard, provide more dexterity while offering protection as a thinner glove, are more comfortable, and lasts much longer, but they are more expensive. 

While synthetic materials like Nomex, nylon, poly blends, and synthetic leather are less expensive, lighter in weight, can be quick-drying and flame resistant, lastly, can provide your hands, warmth even if they get wet. 


Shooting gloves often feature a synthetic or authentic leather palm which gives nearly as much traction as your skin. Even if your hands get wet, you won’t lose your hold. This is very crucial because accuracy is essential when it comes to shooting, and a misstep can result in missing your target. This means that if your grip is slippery, you lose your accuracy.

There are a variety of grip materials available, including treated leather and even rubber. They provide a more solid grip on the weapon than leather or suede. They do, however, put distance in your hands from the gun, making controlling it slower and more uncomfortable.


When you are using your gloves in hotter weather conditions, your hands may start to sweat. This can make your gloves very hot and uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, you need to choose a pair of shooting gloves that have excellent ventilation. A material that is breathable to allow the free flow of air through the gloves to let your hands breathe for added comfort. 

Padding & Armor

To safeguard your hands, make sure that your gloves are sufficiently cushioned. The knuckles of the gloves should ideally be strengthened with strong material. This means you won’t get any bangs or shocks when shooting.

The armor protects your hands from damage at the cost of increased weight, less dexterity, and decreased breathability. You’ll need armored gloves, especially if you’re going to be making quick moves and getting into tactical shooting positions.


When you do out shooting, you would typically go at it for a couple of hours, especially if you’re out hunting, you’re going to have your weapon on you at all times. So, comfortability is one thing you should look for when purchasing a pair of gloves because you wouldn’t want a busted and tired hand when you’re done, right? 


Your comfortability is part of your gloves’ size. Most manufacturers give you a measurement chart of their gloves’ different sizes, so it would be best if you measured your hand and wrist to get the right fitted glove. You wouldn’t want a pair of gloves that are too tight because it would cause discomfort and you wouldn’t also want gloves that are too loose because they will decrease its dexterity. Not to mention, a loosely fitted glove might fall off during your shooting trips.


Lastly, a shooting gloves’ material should be flexible and stretchy to conform to the shape of your hands whenever you hold your weapon or just anything in anything in general. It shouldn’t restrict your hands’ movement. Additionally, it should feature wrist straps to allow the glove to stay attached securely with the wrists.

FAQs About Shooting Gloves

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about shooting gloves:

Are They Easy to Clean?

The ease of cleaning your shooting gloves will entirely depend on the gloves’ material and how dirty it is. Some gloves can be cleaned with just water, soap, and cloth-like synthetic leather shooting gloves. But certain gloves need to be cleaned with a washing machine. 

Are They Expensive?

Depending on what type of shooting gloves you purchase, they can either be expensive or very cheap. Expensive shooting gloves are slightly better because they use better material and they are much more durable compared to a cheap ones. But if you can not afford an expensive pair of shooting gloves, just make sure that the shooting gloves you purchase do not use a flimsy material and can at least protect your hands from getting cuts and blisters. 

Are Shooting Gloves Supposed to Be Tight Fitting on Your Hands?

Snug shooting gloves are ideal for any situation wherein you’re planning to go hunting or target shooting. They allow you to pick up your weapon without worrying about dropping it. Furthermore, well-fitting gloves help you feel more at ease as they won’t slip down. It is worth noting that manufacturers give a size guide to help you make a better decision on which size you’ll get. Take measurements of your hands and wrists so that you can avoid wearing gloves that are too big or too small for your hands.

Can They Withstand Harsh Shooting Conditions?

Well, this depends on the material that was used to construct the gloves. Not only that but what type of conditions will you put the gloves through. Nothing is indestructible, especially when it comes to gloves. They can wear out, get torn, and shredded to pieces. But, ultimately, using it for shooting will not destroy them, unless they were made poorly and with low-quality materials. Although they can get worn out throughout the years you use them, which is inevitable. 

If you want gloves that don’t easily get worn down, then you can invest in gloves that were made with natural materials such as leather, suede, and goatskin. They may be slightly more expensive than synthetic-made, gloves, but they are much more comfortable and will last you much longer.


The best pair of shooting gloves may take some time to find, but once you do get a hold of the shooting glove that is fit for you, it will improve your ability to hunt and shoot. It is important that your gloves can protect your hands from any circumstance. And the trick is to determine what you need based on the environment in which you will use it and how much it can protect you against any situation. 

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