Futuristic designed firearms are the stuff of Sci-Fi movies. Still, airsoft is a bit ahead and already has futuristic Sci-Fi replica guns ready to ship directly to your home address. The thing with futuristic airsoft weapons is that they not only look beautiful and can be worn with your futuristic clothing for Coplay competition, but they also function rather well in competitive play in the fields. These copies may not be popular because people prefer a more realistic and everyday look for their load-outs, but this is precisely why you should shake things up the next time you show up on the field. Bring some friends, and you’re set for an extraterrestrial invasion or a Terminator resurgence, this time with more than one future savior.

The following futuristic airsoft guns are considered the greatest, in my opinion, based on pricing, material quality, performance, and futuristic design.

Futuristic Airsoft Guns: Top Picks

1.CSI STAR XR5 1503 AEG Airsoft Battle Rifle, White/Black

To the point, this airsoft gun is the embodiment of modern style combined with exceptional functionality. The XR5 AEG is one of those guns that will astound you at the first contact and for a good cause. This pistol is more than simply its futuristic, Sci-Fi appearance, which has already won the hearts of players yearning for something distinct and unexpected from their current, more conventionally based armory. Internally, this gun has everything that a good AEG should have, as well as a superb upgrade option.

Not only can you improve on its already incredible accuracy, range, and fire rate, but it also comes with an upper, side, and bottom rail capable of mounting a wide range of external devices such as spotlights, grenade launchers, lasers, sights, and so on. The pistol is highly adaptable (most m4/m16 magazines will suit it) and flexible to your preferences; for example, you can easily modify the stock and sights, as well as the hop-up. It shoots 0.20 gram BBs at a rate of 390 FPS, features a 225-round magazine, a complete metal V2 fully upgradable gearbox, an injection-molded polymer body, and an ergonomic design. This, in my opinion, is enough to put it at the top of this list.


  • Simple design
  • Magazine with a simple release
  • Both the front and rear flip-up sights
  • It only weighs 7.7 pounds.
  • Gearbox made entirely of metal
  • M4/M16 mags are fully compatible.
  • The barrel is threaded to allow for speedier pellet displacement.
  • 225-round high-capacity magazine


  • Custom M4/M16 magazines may not drop as quickly as the originals.
  • There are no batteries included.

2. JG S.T.A.R. Dragon Electric AEG Airsoft Rifle (Airsoft Gun)

The Jing Gong Dragon Electric AEG Rifle Airsoft Gun is ready to take you by surprise, and it’s all a matter of pulling the trigger! This excellent AEG is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind gun with a unique body that will confound all of your foes! JG Star Dragon takes the top rank as one of the most odd airsoft guns available, and while it is not the only unusual AEG on the list, it best reflects the Sci-Fi concept and draws you into the world of popular Sci-Fi games and films from the last century. This fantastic Airsoft rifle is ready to fire at 415 FPS while a 170 RD magazine keeps you firing at your foes rather than reloading! This pistol also has a foldable stock and an integrated rail system, which allows you to completely alter the style and adaptability of this rifle, giving you plenty of options for whichever type of conflict you’re in! The Dragon Rifle comes with an 8.4V rechargeable battery pack, a wall charger, and some practice BBs so that you can shoot straight away! Don’t linger too long since a gun like this moves quickly! Get the Electric JG Dragon AEG Rifle Airsoft Gun right away!


  • The ergonomic design is excellent, from the stock to the front support handle.
  • The ambidextrous sling makes it easier for lefties to use.
  • Powered by LiPo batteries that last a long time
  • Hop up is adjustable.
  • The magazine can hold up to 190 bullets.
  • It may be extended to 64 cm and collapsed to 55 cm.


  • The battery in the front can tire the non-dominant hand holding the rifle.
  • The picatinny on the front is far too small.

3. Evike FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG

The Herstal is one of the most affordable futuristic airsoft guns on our list. With its fully ambidextrous control arrangement and comfortable grip, the FN Licensed Airsoft P90 precisely matches the superb handling and ergonomics of the actual P90. The FN Licensed Airsoft replica, like the real thing, is made of a sturdy metal barrel assembly and reinforced polymer frame. Despite its diminutive size, the P90s bullpup design allows for a far longer barrel than most submachine gun class weapons, resulting in more excellent range and accuracy. SINCE IT IS FAST, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMPACT, a P90 is one of the most effective close-quarters battles (CQB) and room clearing weapons.


  • Firearm manufacturer-approved design with authentic FN Herstal brand.
  • The arrangement of the magazine and gearbox in the stock makes it the most compact bullpup.
  • A speed loader system is offered for speedier switch-outs while playing airsoft.
  • A 9.6 NiMH battery and charger are used to power the device.
  • It is simple to transport with slings linked to the front and back ends of the body.


  • The magazine has a capacity of only 68 bullets.
  • Although NiMH batteries do not last as long as regular LiPo batteries, they still provide adequate power.

4. Cybergun FAMAS AEG Airsoft Rifle, Black

This sci-fi rendition of the FAMAS stays true to the original design. It’s a bullpup AR that can fire shots at a rate of 1,100 rounds per second. The original FAMAS had a maximum effective range of 3200 meters. This feat is honored by the Cybergun FAMAS AEG, which can shoot a maximum of 750 BB pellets. In terms of design, the Cybergun retains the original’s handguard. It also has a noticeable stock that can give enough shoulder support. The Cybergun does not have enough recoil to harm or hurt the shoulder when playing.

The Cybergun lacks a bipod; however, the Picatinny rails should compensate for the loss of stability. Grips can be attached to the rails. This is to make up for the lack of extra frontal weight support. The charging handle found on the genuine Cybergun FAMAS is likewise present on the Cybergun FAMAS. The grenade launcher is positioned in front of the mentioned component. Mock bayonets can be mounted at the outside barrel for extended militia skirmishes. The safety works as a switch to switch between pretend bayonet fighting and shooting. The other function is to keep misfires from happening. The Cybergun can also be used by those who are left-handed. The designers settled on an ambidextrous design.


  • AEG with several features
  • Lightweight bullpup design with a realistic appearance
  • The barrel is entirely made of metal so that BBs will zing faster.
  • For extended shooting sessions, this magazine has a high round capacity.
  • Metal gearbox with high performance.
  • Slings can be attached to the front and back of the vehicle.
  • Safe, burst, or completely automatic firing modes


  • There is no bipod provided.
  • When you order, there will be no battery or charger.

What Makes Futuristic Airsoft Guns So Valuable?

Airsoft is still in its early stages, and, like anything else, it will take time to produce genuinely fascinating content. Futuristic Sci-Fi design is not commonly seen in the fields, and manufacturers are not focused on such designs due to the lower demand. However, Sci-Fi airsoft replicas are a fantastic complement to cosplays and LARPs, so if you are that one player who wants to stand out from the crowd, you do have some options.

I’ve discovered that when manufacturers focus on design, performance suffers. As a result, I could not locate many good futuristic airsoft guns that can outperform or compete with other airsoft guns in the same price range.

Things to Think About When Purchasing the Best Futuristic Airsoft Guns

Getting a good airsoft gun is perhaps the most critical aspect of succeeding in this activity. In addition, possessing a long gun is essential in an airsoft duel. While some may argue that pistols and grenades are adequate, no one can dispute that long guns are the favored futuristic airsoft weaponry among airsoft warriors.

Listed below are a few pointers to help you select the best science fiction airsoft gun for you:

  • Consider the Long Range

You want a rifle that not only suits your budget but also makes you feel adequately prepared and ready to take on your foes. Only a well-aimed gun can make you feel so powerful. Your goal is to hit the adversary, which may necessitate shooting from a significant distance (unless you don’t mind being “killed” and abandoning the game as soon as you start).

  • Quality Construction

The polymer can be used in strange airsoft guns. This is the primary building material used by airsoft makers. That’s perfectly fine. It’s still in keeping with the “artificial” theme that these pieces of equipment are aiming for. The majority of the AEGs listed here are heavier than 4 pounds, which is a good indication of build quality.

Metal gearboxes are commonly seen in AEGs. These serve as an excellent platform from which the pellets eject. Metal barrels are used in all four of the goods described here. If it’s threaded, that’s an added plus. The CSI STAR XR5, for example, has counterclockwise threading. This causes the bullets to travel further.

  • Size of the Battery

It is also critical for AEGs to have a reliable power source. Suppose they don’t use an electrical source. We prefer LiPo batteries, but most airsoft weapons are heavy enough. NiMH has the advantage of being lighter. The JG STAR Dragon is the only scifi airsoft rifle on the list featuring a LiPO. We might as well talk about battery placement while we’re on the subject of batteries. There are several placement configurations. There is no industry standard for battery positioning. Most of these goods are in a bullpup format, so having batteries on hand makes sense.

  • Trumps made of Metal & Plastic

Metal and plastic body guns both perform well for airsoft players. While neither is breakable, the metal-bodied guns, despite being harder than plastic, flex, and dent with usage. Furthermore, some firearms begin with a plastic body but can be converted to a metal body later.

  • Rails!

The more rails there are, the better. Sci-fi airsoft guns can go in one of two directions. They can use a more streamlined approach, such as CSI STAR XR5. They can also go full machine-god as the JG STAR Dragon.

In any case, there should be multiple rails for attachments. It is improved by using laser lights, while flashlights aid in dark visibility. We propose using this sci-fi equipment in indoor settings. A changing environment can make it more difficult for players. CSI STAR XR5 is the clear winner in this category. This is because of its triple rails positioned at the top, sides, and beneath the body.

  • Power

Most inexperienced airsoft warriors believe that power is essential in determining a gun’s proficiency. They couldn’t be more mistaken! While it is fantastic to hit an adversary from 100 yards away, the likelihood of such an event occurring is exceedingly unlikely. Furthermore, there is no need to obsess over upgrades before having a gun. You don’t need 400 frames per second when you’re first starting. A gun that can fire BBs weighing between 0.20 and 0.25 grams should be sufficient.

  • Pricing

We didn’t include any sci-fi-looking airsoft guns that cost more than $200 on the list. We want our readers to enjoy their sports without having to spend too much money. Several goods are available for less than $100. The bad news is that if they don’t meet design criteria, it negates the objective. Sci-fi airsoft weapons receive a lot of financing, which is why they are more of a collection. This isn’t to say they’re not suitable for airsoft games. The four products listed here are all competitive, with all of them exceeding 300 frames per second.

  • Ergonomics

When we enumerate the attributes of each product, we see a common denominator. The majority of them are designed to be ambidextrous. This is another factor to consider while purchasing sci-fi airsoft guns. Design-wise, sci-fi guns have a lot going on, and rarely does a component serve no purpose. These airsoft guns have symmetrical accessory mounts. The CSI STAR X5’s simple release magazine mechanism is an example of convenient placement. If you’re playing competitively, the size of the release alone makes it easy for anyone to conduct rapid reloads.


It is not the attachments or the performance of a Futuristic Airsoft Gun that should be judged. I believe it all boils down to design. You can’t rely on breakthrough technology appearing out of nowhere in airsoft, but you can rely on unique designs being tried out by manufacturers. You’ll want your sci-fi, futuristic-looking rifle to complement your setup, and if you do it right, you might even be able to win lead-out contests on the internet!

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