Airsoft is a rapidly expanding sport and engaging recreational activity. A wide range of activities fit under the ‘airsoftgame’ banner, from fun weekend activities to committed practitioners who use real-world military tactics. This blog post has been put together to help you grasp what is possible in the airsoft sphere and to help you better comprehend the sport. We’ll go through the basic styles and varieties of airsoft weapons and guns, how they work, and best for your playstyle. Following that, we’ll go through safety equipment and what to expect if you visit an airsoft range or arena. Finally, we’ll go through the many types of airsoft tournaments and events that you might anticipate finding in your area.

Because Airsoft game is an honor-based game, we require that all players must be fair and honest when playing. Call all hits. Shots on guns must do not count as hits. Referees should be contacted if they doubt a player’s integrity. All referee findings are final.

Foul language and physical contact will not be permitted and may result in being sat out of a game or being asked to leave the venue immediately. Use of foul language must be strictly prohibited in law. Because airsoft projectiles do not leave a mark, it is less dirty. Because there is no marking, it is considered an “Honor” sport in which participants must be disciplined enough to call their hits. Airsoft games can range from a modest 30-minute skirmish to a big weekend event. There are also other modifications that field owners and organizers utilize to put their spin on games. Here are the three major categories into which most typical Airsoft games fall.

Airsoft Rules You Should Be Aware of in 2022

  1. Game moderator

The “Game Moderator” is in charge of all field decisions, game calls, dispute resolution, and any safety-related items and events that occur on the field. If a disagreement or difference emerges that cannot be resolved between groups, the Game is halted, and the game moderator takes the final decision on the conflict or discrepancy. Arguing with the game moderator will automatically exclude that day’s gaming event.

  1. Airsoft safety basic rules

Playing airsoft guns HQ is not liable for any loss, damage, or injury, including death that occurs at an event. Players must be accountable for not obeying law for themselves and play at their own risk. Minors may play only with the full permission of their parents or guardians. We frequently play in unsafe situations (damaged buildings or dense fields), so you have been reminded to consider safety carefully.

Blind firing is prohibited. Blind firing is the way of discharging a firearm speedily while not seeing where the shot is heading. Typically, this entails pointing a rifle around a corner with the body and head concealed and firing. When allowed to shoot guns must always gaze down your sights. Headshots are uncool, so avoid them as much as possible at shoot. Headshots are forbidden and only permitted when no other portion of the target’s body is visible. They do happen, though, so be sure your eyewear and equipment are in good working shape. No headshots under 5 meters are permitted under any circumstances. Only SEMI-AUTO fire is used in CQB (Close Quarter Battle) situations when allowed to shoot, such as buildings or structures, where you can anticipate facing players must be at distances closer than 10 meters.

  1. Physical contact

Must wear Airsoft gun-rated Goggles or glasses at all times on the field of play and in the authorized testing / Chrono area. Must never remove eye protection during play or at the testing range. If a player’s goggles or glasses malfunction, they must leave the field and repair them in a safe spot.

No physical contact (punches/slaps/headbutts) is permitted at any time. No genuine knives or real firearms are allowed to shoot on the field! Plastic or rubber imitation knives that are not sharp or possibly hazardous may be used for gameplay. Without eye & face protection, the Game in that area is stopped immediately (whether a participant or not). When a player sees a blind man, they must cry, “BLIND MAN” while using real firearms. All other players must be within audible range must repeat the shout. Marshall will announce when the Game may resume. No one is allowed to shoot on the field unless they wear Airsoft-approved eye and face protection using firearms. This comprises marshals, camerapersons, and other non-players.

  1. Airsoft medic rules

airsoft medic rules


A doctor may be limited in the amount of gear they can carry. Therefore, they may remove extra equipment and opt for a light loadout accompanied by “medical” essentials such as bandages, ropes badges, tourniquets, or whatever is designated under the field basic rules as a mark for reviving allies.

As a medic, you will carry the same dress as you would for any other role, except for a red cross or equivalent medic patch on your helmet or arm. This, of course, depends on the field and how your team sets up the basic rules, so you’ll have to double-check this one once you’ve joined the group. Airsoft medics assist downed players must be in returning to the GameGame by helping them in battle. They may go so far as to treat injuries such as joint twists, scratches, bruises, and welts using actual medicine if adequately educated. Medic is a support job; therefore, anyone who enjoys assisting others is invited to participate; however, you should only use the in-game medic for role-playing if you do not have paramedic expertise. To be an in-game role-playing physician, all you need to do is follow the field rules, which vary depending on the field and the sort of GameGame you play. Actual paramedic expertise and experience are always appreciated. Still, they are not required because there are two types of medics in the fields, the player who role-plays as one and the one who treats injuries, but both roles can be embodied in one individual.

  1. Airsoft equipment rules

airsoft equipment rules

Rules are subject to changes at any time. Please take note of the blue regulations – they were either just amended or a government that air-softeners may not be familiar with.

  • Setup of a gun

Outdoor speed for sniper rifles* is less than 450 fps, and for electric rifles is less than 400 fps. Sniper weapons must shoot at a distance of 10 feet to 100 feet or more. Basic rules and load-outs are subject to vary based on special events, game size, and so on.

  • Masks

If the player is under 18, a full face mask is required can be purchased. A full facemask is necessary during airsoft times that overlap with paintball sessions. When a full facemask is unnecessary, goggles with a complete seal around the eyes are essential, and face protection is suggested. Airsoft eye protection does not include safety glasses or science/lab goggles. Full masks can be purchased in the shop. They were playing the same game. The ref’s air horn or whistle will signal the start and end of each GameGame.

If you sneak up on someone at fewer than 15 feet, say “Rambo,” and they’re out. This works for a single person, not a group. Barrel socks must be worn before leaving the playing area and reentering the staging area. You must wear a mask until and unless you enter the staging area. Barrel sock are must in airsoft game for safety rule. A hit is defined as any point on a person or equipment that a BB strikes; ricochets do not count. Gun hits do not count as kills, but you must scream out “guns hit!” before continuing to play if your weapon is struck. Hits on holstered or slung weapons count as a kill, implying that only the weapon currently in use is protected from being attacked.

When you’re out, make your intentions plain by saying “hit” and holding your rifle above your head. When a player is eliminated, a kill rag should be held in the air or placed on their head and remain there until they depart the playing area. There will be no blind fire; you must see your target. No overshooting; instead, give players must use the option to call “hit” on shoots. Players must not speak that have died. If a player’s mask falls off or an injury happens during a game, “game” will be called, and play must come to a halt immediately. The ref’s whistle signals the start and end of a game. No booby traps, trip wires, or other potentially dangerous things may be used. Before use, the staff must approve specialty weapons, such as claymores, grenades, booby traps, and anti-tank armament.

Homemade specialty equipment is permitted; however, it must be brought to and inspected by a staff member before use. Only cold-burning smoke/sound devices are used when allowed to shoot.

Pyrotechnics are not permitted. Airsoft is a game of integrity and sportsmanship; please play pretty and enjoy yourself.

  1. Safe zone guidelines

The safe zone is the area in which you are not permitted to fire. If you enter the safe and open fire on anyone, you will be ejected from the event on that day. You should first think about joining the ‘Safe Zone.’ You can enter the safe zone by holding your arms above your head or placing them on the ground.

  1. Exercise caution when using Airsoft!

The most important thing to remember about Airsoft is to be smart about it! Having a bottle of water isn’t a law or legal in and of itself, but if you dump it off a parking garage to injure someone, you’re in huge trouble. It all depends on in what way you will use the Airsoft game weapons. You’re fine if you’re shooting targets in your backyard… If you’re going to hit your neighbor’s horse. When playing, make sure you have all of the necessary safety equipment. The most crucial is safety glasses! Keep your eyes safe! I suggest wearing at least Google, if not full safety goggles.

What Are The Airsoft Rules?

Wear proper eye protection in gameplay areas and next to the gameplay area. Full-face masks are required for any player under the age of 18. When not being used, always position your airsoft pistol in a safe direction. Outside of the Game, do not aim or shoot at anyone. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

Is Airsoft Harmful?

In a nutshell, yeah…However, game day is not all that horrible. The level of pain you experience will be determined by various factors at game day, including your pain tolerance, distance, clothes, the weight of the BB, the power of the airsoft guns, and others. Because a shot to the fingers is harrowing, many players must wear armored gloves on a game day.

What Is FPS Permitted In Airsoft?

The maximum velocity is 500fps, or 2.31 joules, with a minimum engagement distance of 100′. We reserve the right to remove any airsoft weapon for any reason. Biodegradable BBs are required. There will be no exceptions.

Is It Possible To Punch Somebody In Airsoft?

If you are hit anywhere during the gaming experience, including any equipment, you are out and must cry “HIT” and raise your weapon-wielding arm. The exception is gunshots or ricochets. It would be best if you immediately called “GUN HIT!” but could continue playing. Please do not refer to everyone as “hit.” If required, summon a referee.


A single airsoft game played by a passive subject exceeds the worldwide standard for daily and weekly aerobic fitness. This inspiring and outside sport using guns is a good choice for increasing physical activity levels in people and creating a leisure activity for idle and lazy minds. This exercise connects people with other physical pursuits and ultimately motivates them to become more efficient.



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