Due to the popularity of airsoft guns, it’s not surprising that more and more children want one. The only trouble is that the parents who are knowledgeable about airsoft guns are quite a few. The thing with airsoft guns is it isn’t a toy and nor is it a gun. It’s all fun and games but kids can still get hurt. Not sent to the hospital kind of hurt. Still, parents ought to know how to properly select airsoft guns for kids. Below is a guide on the best airsoft guns you can find in the market for kids. 

1. Firepower .45 Metal Slide

Fire Power Icon Spring Propulsion Airsoft Gun Black

Before we dive into some of the details, let us lay out the basics first. The Firepower .45 Metal Slide is a spring-powered airsoft gun with a plastic body and metal slide. It has a 328 FPS muzzle velocity and a magazine of 12 rounds. Two of its most renowned features would be BAXS hop-up and smooth bore. 


This is considered to be one of the best airsoft guns for kids because of its simplicity. It does not have a lot of complicated features. That being said, it can certainly give kids a realistic experience of what it is like in a shootout


Even though we tagged it as an airsoft gun for a kid, it is most suited for teenagers since boys at that age already have a lot of knowledge when it comes to these things. 


If you’re planning to enroll your kid in the military or the police academy someday, note that this airsoft gun won’t make your boy an instant celebrity. But with constant playing, he will certainly learn a thing or two about accuracy and power. 


The second reason this airsoft gun is an excellent toy for kids is that it is made of plastic. This means that the gun is quite lightweight and handy to carry around. Not having to worry about heavy equipment, your kids will be able to focus on the one thing they do best – having fun!


This airsoft gun is quite accurate as well but it also has some rear sights as a way to help beginners (kids specifically) on shooting and targeting. 


The only downside we see with this gun is the plastic trigger. If you have an excited and eager child, it will be easy for him to break it, meaning you’d have to get him a new one earlier than you’d expect. 

2. Crosman 40001

Crosman 40001 1911BB Semi Auto

Similar to the firepower airsoft gun, this one is also spring-powered but in terms of power and speed, the Crosman Stinger has slightly lower mechanics of 325 FPS in muzzle velocity. Both the Crosman Stinger and the Firepower have 12 rounds of a magazine. 


What makes the Crosman Stinger one of the best airsoft guns for kids? It’s not too heavy but still feels good on the hands. It is most definitely handy for children. 


If you are into guns as well, you probably won’t like the fact that this airsoft gun is made of plastic. But for kids and other beginners, this is the best material to use. It’s hard and it won’t be easy to bend it on the first bump. 


This gun is semi-automatic. Your kid will have to cock it for every shot. Another thing that we love about this airsoft gun is that the slide is quite smooth. Even though it is a spring weapon, your kid won’t have trouble firing the shot with this airsoft gun. 


Take note, however, that the cocking action makes quite a loud sound so your kid may have a problem being stealthy during the game. 


Even the semi-automatic features result in loud gaming, it also makes for a much safer experience for the kids. If the gun was fully automatic, you never know when all the firing game can get out of control. 


It would be a good idea for you to lay down some rules for the kids beforehand prior to introducing this game to them. Even though the Firepower Metal Slide is much more powerful, one should not underestimate the capability of this gun. It’s still quite powerful. Hence, precautions should be in check. 


There is also a safety switch which will be great for your kids. The children can just turn on the safety switch during times when they aren’t using the gun on the field. This can prevent accidents in the future. 

3. Sig Sauer P320 Metal Slide

Sig saucer P320 CO2 Air Pistol Metal Slide

This one is made out of the same material similar to Crosman Stinger and the Firepower Metal Slide but has slightly lower power. But compared to the first two airsoft guns, this one is a lot heavier at 2.5 lbs. 


It still passes as one of the best airsoft guns for kids. But it is most certainly not for kids below 12 years old. Although it would certainly be a great pick for older kids or even teenagers. 


It could be the closest thing your kid could have to the real pistol. The Sig Sauer is certainly a full-scale replica. The metal slider will give your kid a much more realistic experience compared to the first two. 


This can also be reassembled just like how you would imagine a real pistol would be. Here’s a thumb’s up to the manufacturer for having paid attention to so much detail in producing this airsoft gun. 


One downside would be the plastic grip. Indeed, this post is about the best airsoft guns for kids. Still, the plastic grip can be pretty annoying. But it’s okay. The accurate shots this gun is capable of more than makeup for it. 

What Are The Benefits Of Letting Kids Play Airsoft?

Kids playing airsoft gun

If you have to look for an online guide on which airsoft gun to purchase for your kids, it signals a need for caution. This brings us to the question: should you really let your kid play? 


The answer is yes and here are some of the reasons why:

Physical Activity

You’d be lucky if you had a son who can stand just watching TV and reading in his room. Most of the time, boys especially the younger ones, are thirsty for physical activity. That can be a problem for most parents, especially in this time of pandemic because you’d want to keep your boys safe. 


By letting your kids play with airsoft guns, you will be able to let them have the fun that they want even if it is just in your backyard. They will get the kind of satisfaction they want in terms of fun and you will be satisfied being able to watch them from the kitchen. 

Mental Adeptness

At first, your kids would be pretty content just having to run around and aiming at their playmates. But eventually, this whole airsoft game is going to make them a lot smarter. They are going to develop skills that will soon be beneficial in the academic and real world. 


They will learn strategy, the importance of leadership, team spirit, patience, and many more. I guess you can say that by letting your kids play with airsoft guns, you are preparing them for the real world in a way that your kids will agree with. 

Social Development

Kids might thirst for physical activity but it doesn’t mean that socializing with other kids would come naturally to them. Physical activity would normally mean running around the neighborhood and rushing to the playground. 


But since airsoft is a group activity, kids will learn the important lesson of making friends and getting along with people, even the ones that they don’t resonate with so much. 


It is a life skill that every child must learn. And your kids would be at a great advantage in life if they could learn this early on. 

Safety Measures

Earlier, we talked about the need to create some set of rules before you start to introduce this game to the kids. If you haven’t figured out what rules to set just yet, we’ve decided to help you out. So, here are some suggestions. 

  • Mind the face area 

Airsoft guns aren’t necessarily firearms so you don’t have to worry about your kid dying or getting sent to the hospital. Not unless he gets hit in the eye. That said, always mind the face area. So, when you buy your kids some airsoft guns, make sure to also purchase some hard masks and goggles in the process. 

  • Body

As we said, the bullets in an airsoft gun are quite soft and won’t penetrate the skin but it doesn’t mean that your kid won’t get hurt to any degree. 


Boys will be boys and this is something that they most likely can handle. But it would still be a good idea to make the potential ache more tolerable. We highly recommend that you purchase some long-sleeved shirts for your kids and perhaps some gloves. These are just some basic approaches to make the game of airsoft more friendly. 

Final Takeaway

One last thing. You should also be wary of where your kids are playing. The best thing to do would be to let them play at home. There should be a space for it. Inside the house would be a bad idea. There should be a large backyard or something. And make sure that your little ones aren’t around so that they won’t get hurt by the big kids. 


The reason we advise against public places is that airsoft guns also look like the real thing. Other people won’t be able to tell the difference. You have to take our word for it. Hence, if you are going to leave your kids in a public place to play, they could get in trouble with the police or other adults in the area. Plus, other people could get hurt if the kids are playing outside. 


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