Did you know that airsoft guns are the “new” paintball of the century? Well, it is! Airsoft has started to get increasingly popular because it is more accurate than paintball. Not only that but airsoft is much more realistic than paintball. Many people use it for hunting, and even police departments and military groups have begun to use it in their training. And some use it as a form of a weaponry game. 


If you’re new to airsoft guns, it is understandable that a high-end airsoft gun is still out of the picture because you might not end up continuing this weaponry game. Then you’ll just have an expensive airsoft gun lying around. You also need to think about which gun will suit you best because just like every person has different personalities, each gun has its own purpose and what it can offer you in the playing field. So, getting a budget-friendly and high-quality airsoft gun is the best way to go. 


Listed below are 10 of the best airsoft guns under 200 dollar. So, if you are a beginner who wants to dive into the art of airsoft guns or you’re someone experienced and has used airsoft guns before but is looking for something within the budget, then this article is for you!

Things To Take Note of Before Buying an Airsoft Gun

With the list of airsoft guns that are under 200 dollar, you should think about what to take note of when you’re going to buy one. You have to consider many factors to ensure that the airsoft gun you will purchase will be perfect for you, your playing needs, and your priorities. 


Below, we have listed a few deciding factors you need to consider before buying an airsoft gun.

Electric, Spring, or Gas?

These are the three primary power levels of a gun. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to determine which one would fit your tastes better.

What is Your Role? 

Deciding what role you’re going to play in airsoft is also one thing to consider. Do you want the lead role? The supporter? Your role will be a deciding factor on which airsoft gun model you’re fit for because just like each gun model has a different thing to offer, your role also has a  purpose which a specific gun model can also provide. 

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

Your level of knowledge and experience also comes into account when purchasing an airsoft gun. Some airsoft guns are not ideal for beginners as they may have powerful blowback or are not easy to use in the middle of a firefight. Which is why knowing your level of expertise should be considered when you’re picking out the perfect airsoft gun for you.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is also linked to your experience and expertise. If you’re a beginner in the field, you’d want to find something that will be easy to handle, so that you can easily operate it when you’re fighting any opponents.


Each gun has a different level of accuracy. So if you’re a beginner, you might need to look into more accurate guns. But, of course, the more accurate the gun is, the better it is when using it in the field. 


Some airsoft guns can easily break, even if you’ve only used it a few times. You don’t want to waste your money, right? But, you shouldn’t expect an all-metal gun at this price point. Most guns at this price point are made of hard plastic to make it cheaper and lightweight. Though, there are still some that offer a full-metal body.

Which are The Best Airsoft Guns Under 200 Dolllar?

Finalizing your budget, standard, and experience is the key to know which airsoft gun is best for you. These factors would all account for which airsoft gun fits you best, so you should think about it carefully. Remember, cheap does not mean that it’s not high-quality; we listed good, high-quality airsoft guns that even experienced players would enjoy using.


This guide that we have put up for you will help you understand and choose the best airsoft gun for under 200 dollar.

The Best Airsoft Guns Under 200 dollar

Below, we have listed the best airsoft guns under $200 to fit your budget.

1. Umarex Legends MP40 CO2 BB Submachine Gun

About The Gun
  • Type: CO2 Submachine
  • Action: Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
  • Capacity: 52 BBs
  • Velocity: 465 fps
  • Caliber: 0.177

Are you looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use airsoft submachine gun? Then, the Umarex Legends MP40 is something we highly recommend. It is a replica of the German MP40 submachine gun used in WW2 and is just as reliable as the original model. With a 52-round magazine and full auto capabilities, this.177 caliber BB rifle offers hours of enjoyment! Driven by two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, choose whole or semi-automatic shooting and start shooting tin cans like never before. 


With the exterior of the airsoft gun, it is just absolutely superb. It’s precisely just like the MP40 in terms of its size and weight. The majority of the Umarex Legends MP’s exterior metal components are coated in black powder coating. The stock is made of brown plastic. The color and design of the finish follow the same as the original MP40. Though the Umarex submachine gun does not have sniper-grade accuracy (this goes to the German MP40, too), it is pretty good as an airsoft gun. 


This airsoft gun can be used as a pistol or as a rifle but is best used as a pistol because, given the collapsible stock, the German “MP” designation refers to it as a pistol “Maschinenpistole.” And Umarex USA’s information also points to the Umarex Legends MP as a pistol, which solves it.


The Umarex Legends MP operates on two CO2 cartridges at the same time. These suit base-to-base in the magazine, with the flat ends puncturing each other as the CO2-loading screw at the magazine’s base is tightened.


Overall it is one of the most recommended and best airsoft guns under 200 dollar. It is within the budget, easy to use, and if you’re a fan of WW2, a replica of a legendary gun.

  • Powerful and good accuracy
  • Full Auto
  • Muzzle velocity is consistent
  • It uses two C02 cartridges at a time
  • Full metal finish
  • Can jam if overfilled
  • No windage drift adjustment capability


2. Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 

About The Gun
  • Type: Pistol
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Capacity: 15
  • Velocity: 400 fps
  • Caliber: 0.24


Another Umarex airsoft gun comes into the list. It is a small airsoft gun that fires 6mm airsoft BBs at speeds of up to 400 FPS. This CO2-operated pistol has a drop-free metal mag, an incorporated accessory rail, and fixed sights. This lightweight airsoft pistol shoots as quickly as you can pull the trigger.  


The Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol trigger pull has a medium to hard trigger power, which is expected, given that it is a double-action-only trigger. With the whole force weighing between 8-9 pounds and the release point occurring just at the very base of the pull, you get quite a bit of a clicking noise alert right before it releases.


Aside from the trigger, safety, and magazine release, most of the mechanical parts are molded into the shell of the airsoft gun. Still, apart from some internal components, magazines, barrels, and triggers, most of the construction components are plastic. This simple design works well because there are fewer moving pieces that can break or malfunction during active use. Additionally, it doesn’t use too much gas as you could get 200 rounds out of the CO2 cartridge before having to replace it. This is possible because the blowback element is lacking.


Overall, for a price under 200 dollar, it is a great choice. The simple design and minor rotating parts would most likely provide you with more excellent reliability in the long run. It’s a straightforward airsoft gun with no-frills, built to suit most airsoft conditions, and easy to transport.


  • It has a universal metal stick magazine
  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Construction screws are smaller
  • Accessible CO2 cartridge
  • Does not use too much gas

  • No blowback action
  • Mostly plastic
  • Overpriced extra magazine

3. Elite Force 1911 Tac

ELite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol

About The Gun
  • Type: Pistol
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Capacity: 15
  • Velocity: 330-350 fps
  • Caliber: 6


This airsoft gun is one of the best there is under the price of $200. It is a great backup pistol and is an excellent addition to your collection; we highly recommend it to those seeking a more realistic shooting experience.


The 1911 Tac model from Elite Force has been redesigned with a two-tone tan coating on the lower frame and a black slide. Underneath this two-tone waterproof coating is a full metal gun, so you can be confident that longevity will not be a problem.


The Elite Force 1911 is made with full metal, so you might think it would be quite heavy, but in reality, it’s a lightweight airsoft sidearm that you can easily carry. Additionally, the grip of the airsoft gun has a bit of texture, so it depends if you like that kind of grip. But, the front side of the gun is straight, which gives off ambidextrous controls. 


Note, beginners should know that since it’s a single-action pistol, you can’t just take it from your hip and pull the trigger. A double-action pistol requires the user to remove the trigger to activate the round merely. That being said, the trigger pull is much greater than the single action.


The gun also includes a white dotted front and rear sights and an interchangeable hop-up system for better accuracy. Furthermore, the strong recoil spring makes any of the shots of the gun feel incredible. 


It is one of the best CO2 blowback handguns on the market, and it feels fantastic. The weight and construction give it a sturdy feel, and the very distinctive style makes this a perfect pistol for any airsoft model. Its solid build will bring you a solid experience in shooting!


  • Solid metal build
  • Durable tan/black finish
  • New front and rear sights
  • Adjustable hop-up 
  • powerful recoil spring
  • Great accuracy
  • No CO2 cartridge
  • Great blowback power

4. Double Eagle M4 CQC AEG

About The Gun
  • Type: Rifle
  • Action: Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
  • Capacity: 230
  • Velocity: Approx. 250 fps
  • Caliber: 6


The Double Eagle M4 AEG is an upgrade to your standard backyard airsoft rifles that you can easily buy. The only setback is it is fragile and has a cheap flashlight and lens. Still, with its adjustable and great accuracy hop-up system, improved flexible firing mode, and metallic inner barrel, it is a significant improvement compared to other airsoft rifles. 


This airsoft gun was designed to improve upon their well-known M83A2 rifle. With its excellent detail and true model dimensions, the realistic significance is very high. Because of the included hop-up kit, blasting out rounds at an incredible pace of 550 per minute does not jeopardize this AEG’s accuracy.


It features high accuracy, single shot, and safety modes. This AEG is made of rigid ABS plastic and can handle some complex usage. The shooting capacity is around 250-200 fps with 0.12g BB, and it uses a reinforced plastic gearbox to aim at a high rate of fire with a 7.2v battery.


It is easily one of the best airsoft rifles in the market that is under $200. And with it being 5 pounds and with a solid retractable stock, it is just like the real deal. 


  • It has a good feel
  • Great for starters
  • Has great accuracy
  • It has an adjustable fire mode
  • High-torque motor
  • Flimsy flashlight and lens
  • It uses up too many BBs

5. Beretta 92A1 CO2

Beretta 92A1 CO2


About The Gun
  • Type: Pistol
  • Action: Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
  • Capacity: 18
  • Velocity: 330 fps
  • Caliber : .177″ (4.5mm)


The Umarex Beretta Model 92A1 is a dead ringer for the latest 9mm Beretta model, complete with an integrated Picatinny accessory rail, white dot sights, and a rounded-design trigger guard. It’s one of the finest Umarex Beretta airsoft guns available. 


It has the same feel and operation as a 9mm model,  making it suitable for weapons training. Not only that, but it also has ambidextrous thumb safeties, which are perfectly comfortable for both left-handed or right-handed users.


The trigger pull is consistent, weighing 6.7 pounds for double action and 2.5 pounds for a single action. The average velocity is 320 fps.


It is a sleek and compact pistol that you can easily carry despite it being made mostly of metal. And thanks to its metal body, it is very sturdy. This Umarex Beretta 92A1 is a highly recommended airsoft gun that will fit into your budget and is perfect for someone who is just starting.


  • Full metal body makes it sturdy and realistic
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Non-adjustable sights
  • Blowback action (might not be suitable for beginners)


6. G&G CM16 Raider Combat Machine

G&G CM16 Raider Combat Machine

About The Gun
  • Type: AEG
  • Action: Semi-Auto/Full Auto
  • Capacity: 450
  • Velocity: 320 – 360 fps
  • Caliber: 6mm


If you’re looking for a high-quality AEG that is within your budget, then the CM16 Raider is one of your best bets! The CM16 is just under $200 and is among the best entry-level and perhaps even mid-level airsoft guns available.


The CM16 comes with a 450-round high-capacity magazine and semi-automatic and fully automatic shooting modes. The only significant disadvantage of the CM 16 Raider is that it is pretty standard, particularly among low-budget or entry-level players, since it is such a high-value rifle for its price. As a result, this rifle appears to pop off the shelf, making it impossible to find in stock in physical and online shops.


The CM16 Raider is highly robust, can withstand a lot of wear, and is a compact gun at just about 5 lbs. It is modifiable, Tokyo Marui compatible, and as an M4, there are many maintenance and installation parts available. It also has a 9.6V Nunchuck battery that can last much longer than you’d think, which is another plus for younger players. 


The CM16 is highly recommended for beginners and someone looking for a budget-friendly airsoft gun. And as you progress in the sport, you’ll notice how simple upgrades and modifications you would need to do for your CM16.


  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Shoots at Semi/Full Auto
  • Durable
  • Difficult to find (due to its popularity)
  • The front triangle sight is fixed
  • The magazines can’t be swapped with other rifles
  • The battery is not included


7. Elite Force Walther PPQ

Elite Force Walther PPQ


About The Gun
  • Type: Pistol 
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Capacity: 85 
  • Velocity: 300 fps
  • Caliber: 6mm


The Elite Force Walther PPQ is a spring-powered BB pistol that is an authentic Walther replica. This is the perfect pistol airsoft gun as it features many cool features! It is equipped with a metal slide, and the recoil is very realistic, thanks to a solid spring. It also has a hop-up BB system built in to hold you on track at 300 fps. There are two drop-outs, 15-round magazines included, along with an extra 85-round reserve for all-day shooting.


The grip is rubber-coated, and the feel is specifically designed to keep the pistol tightly in your hand when shooting. But, the great thing is that after you’ve cocked the slider, you won’t have to do it again before another magazine load. The Walther PPQ  allows the pistol to shoot in a quick, semi-automatic manner.


Sadly, it is not very suitable for a beginner due to its powerful blowback as you might not be ready for its impact. You can easily change and reload the magazine, which is a plus for beginners, and because the CO2 is hidden, you won’t have a hard time reloading. 


  • Good accuracy 
  • Does not use gas too much
  • Gas does not leak once used to shoot
  • Intense blowback (not suitable for a beginner)
  • Slide locks when the magazine is empty

8. Glock Gen 4 G17


About The Gun
  • Type: Pistol 
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Capacity: 17
  • Velocity: 350 fps
  • Caliber: 6mm


The Umarex Elite Force line introduces the Gen4 G17  6mm handgun. It is one of the most popular handgun pistols made.  It has the exact dimensions, heft, feels, and controls. From its operating Glock trigger safety, magazine release, and a slide lock to the original Glock, marks on its polymer frame and full-metal slide, this G17 is nearly identical to its inspiration.


What we like about this handgun is its reliability. It is one of the most reliable airsoft guns in the market because even though it is fired a lot of times, it has one of the lowest rates of out-of-service times of any handgun in the market. Not only is it reliable, but it is also easy to maintain. It is easy to disassemble and re-assemble when needed. 


The G17 is also very durable, so are its magazines. And with its value, it is definitely worth its price for everything the G17 can offer you in the shooting field. 


  • Has a  safe-action trigger safety
  • The frame is lightweight and easy to hold
  • The barrel is hammer forged and has polygonal rifling
  • Good accuracy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable and durable
  • Blowback (not suitable for beginners)
  • Sights are made with the same material as the frame. 

9. Crosman Bushmaster MPW

About The Gun
  • Type: Rifle 
  • Action: Semi-Auto/Full Auto
  • Capacity: 125
  • Velocity: 430 fps
  • Caliber: 177″ (4.5mm)


The MPW is an excellent option if you are looking for a gun that is under $200. And due to its popularity, it is sometimes hard to find in stock. So, don’t let go of the chance to buy it!


The MPW has a realistic blowback action, is accurate, and has a high shot count. It field strips, looks and behaves like an M4. And with its full-auto capability, it is bound to give you a realistic feel when shooting.


The MPW does not explicitly have an inspiration, but it gives off a realistic and authentic feel of an MP4 when you get a hold of it. And though it is not a replica of something, it’s still a gun that is bound to get your attention.


Even with the MPW’s full-auto capability, it delivers fantastic accuracy. Another plus is that the gun has adjustable sights, which many BB replica guns do not have. Not only does it provide excellent accuracy, but it is also consistent. Its measure of shot-to-shot consistency in a string is outstanding with its 430 fps.


Its realism is also a bonus; its blowback is significant during use, particularly with new CO2 cartridges. This improves the feeling of shooting and makes the shooter feel very satisfied. And as mentioned, the MPW feels like the MP4.


  • It has a good feel 
  • Solid-body
  • Good accuracy
  • Shot-to-shot consistency
  • Adjustable sights
  • Realism
  • Powerful blowback (not suitable for beginners)
  • Uses too mucus BBs

    10. Firepower F4-D AEG

About The Gun
  • Type: Rifle 
  • Action: Full Auto
  • Capacity: 500
  • Velocity: 200 fps
  • Caliber: 6mm


The F4-D is an eye-catching entry-level AEG with a stunning design presence. As it’s based on the M4 platform, it is dependable and has a retractable crane stock, making it ideal for a variety of battles and field action. Furthermore, the kit includes several practical accessories installed on the top’s full-length Picatinny rail system. With the given accessories, it will help increase the accuracy and overall efficiency of the gun. Finally, the rifle is fully equipped with an interchangeable hop-up system and a fixed front scope, assisting its accuracy.


This makes the F4-D AEG very suitable for beginners as it is easy to use and is equipped with all the components to make it easy and fun to use. This is one of the most highly recommended AEG rifles in the market that is under $200. Make sure to check it out!


  • Sleek and solid body
  • Shoots in full auto
  • Equipped with accessories you’ll need
  • Reliable 
  • Great for its value
  • Not very durable
  • All plastic
  • Not easy to disassemble

Overall Best

All of the guns mentioned above are top-notch guns, but if we were to choose, overall, we recommend the Elite Force 1911 Tac and the CM16 Raider. The Elite Force 1911 Tac is a full-metal airsoft pistol gun and even if it has a full-metal body, it is lightweight and compact. It gives shooters a realistic feel, is easy to use, has an adjustable hop-up system and has good accuracy. What else would you look for in an airsoft pistol gun that is under $200? 


And in terms of rifles, of course, let’s not forget about the CM 16 Raider. It is one of the best AEG rifles that won’t break the bank. It has a high-capacity magazine and semi-auto to full-auto shooting mode. It is durable as it can withstand a lot of fighting. It is compact and is modifiable. This gun is always out of stock at physical and even online shops due to its popularity. It is perfect for beginners to even advanced players.


So, in the list, which one would you pick?

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