Airsoft is one of company’s most important sports, and airsoft revolvers have become one of the most famous weapons among airsoft players. Nothing compares to the thrill of going on a mission to take out your adversaries with a replica handgun. It provides the impression of authenticity and realism that every combatant seeks in a game.

Because of the growing demands, acquiring an airsoft revolver isn’t all that difficult these days, and manufacturers have created a plethora of variations to meet the ever-increasing market.

Best Picks of Airsoft Revolver

Finding the proper one for your abilities and needs, on the other hand, is a different story. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest airsoft revolvers, as well as a few tips for choosing the best one for you.

The GF600 357 Revolver will stop zombies in their tracks. Firing. The zombies are no match for this CO2-powered, semi-auto, 8-shot sidearm, which can fire 12gr B.B.s at speeds of up to 400 FPS. A fixed blade frontal sight and notch rear sight, as well as a detachable grip panel for quick CO2 replenishment, round out the package. This is a heavyweight gun designed for severe zombie annihilation.


  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Effortless operation
  • It looks and feels fantastic!


  • It is heavy

If you like old-school revolvers, the Crosman Vigilante CO2 Caliber.177 Pellet & B.B. Revolver will transport you to another era. It is a modernized version of iconic pistols from decades ago. However, it has various modifications that make it appropriate for airsoft. Despite the fact that it is CO2-powered, you do not receive a can with the item. You’ll also have to buy the B.B.s separately. The 6-shot B.B. clip will keep your ammo intact long enough for you to shoot your opponent on sight. This rifle’s quickness is what distinguishes it. With a velocity of 435 fps and a 6-inch rifled steel barrel, it provides you with the ability to find and defeat your opponent regardless of how powerful their firearms are.

The fully adjustable sight, strategic rail system, and metal frame enable the most accurate aim, which is critical when only using a handheld weapon in a contest.


  • Build quality that is really durable
  • Excellent matte black finish
  • Amazing to hold
  • One of the greatest on the market right now


  • It would have been good to have it in silver

The Valken Airsoft Revolver Full Metal C02 is a good alternative for purchasers looking for two distinct qualities. First, they need a piece that is inexpensive and does not force them to spend a lot of money. A nice-looking bit will make other owners pleased, and they will be proud to show it off to others. The Valken Airsoft All Metal C02 comes with both of these. A revolver with a one-of-a-kind loading mechanism is possible. It can contain around one round of each brass cartridge. Even better, these discs can be reused. Anyone who appreciates parts that allow you to attach attachments that you don’t have will like the upper and lower rails. This CO2-powered revolver has the option of firing in a double or single action. It can shoot at 385 FPS as long as the B.B.s do not weigh more than 20g.


  • The craftsmanship is outstanding, and serious users will appreciate the tactical design.
  • Rails on both sides are perfect for tactical accessories.
  • The six shells that go with it are contained in a swing-out cylinder.
  • This pistol is not only precise, but it should give you 21 shots every 12g CO2 cartridge.


  • Because the hop-up unit is fixed, the precision cannot be adjusted.

The Valken Airsoft Revolver metal C02 6mm (2′′) can fire 20g B.B.s at a rate of about 375 FPS. The gun is semi-automatic and powered by CO2. There are six shots in total. Each shell can hold a single 6mm bb. These six shells’ rubber tips will protect the finish from scratches. There are two front sights available: a fixed blade sight and a notchback sight. The CO2 may be readily refilled by removing the grip panel. It’s just the correct weight to give you that genuine sense. This gun is ideal for target practice. It will allow users to enhance their shooting skills while utilizing a less intimidating airsoft gun. Despite the fact that it is not a firearm, users can practice sighting and pulling the trigger. This component is a fantastic substitute for purchasing a gun range or sighting a pistol. Valken Airsoft Revolver Full Metal 6mm (2 inches).) This revolver gun is a good alternative for anyone who is new to operating a revolver gun. It may be utilized to improve skills as well as have a lot of fun in competitive activity.


  • Remember that accuracy is determined by a person’s total competency. The distance from which you intend to fire may also have an impact on accuracy.
  • Adjustable sights make up for the lack of hop-up.
  • This is an excellent airsoft pistol for the price.


  • Some users have stated that reloading the handgun can be difficult at times but that the procedure grows easier as they become accustomed to it.

Black Ops is well-known for producing high-quality airsoft guns at reasonable prices. They’re usually on the shelves of your local large box retailer. Except for the grip, their CO2 powered Exterminator 4″ revolver is virtually entirely metal. Even if the robust structure isn’t in the best condition, it’s still made entirely of metal. Most CO2 powered airsoft pistols at this price bracket are made of a brittle plastic polymer. The upper railed frame is ready for an optic. If you’re playing outdoors and don’t have a lot of money, this Black Ops Exterminator is a nice option. The only flaws with this rifle are cosmetic. While it isn’t anything special, as you’ll see later, it is reasonably priced.


  • Price is reasonable
  • 525 FPS with full metal construction
  • Rear fiber-optic sight


  • The Black Ops branding is simple.
  • Paint chips are easily removed

This Dan Wesson-licensed CO2 Powered, 2.5″ black revolver provides realistic shooting pleasure in a convenient size. It contains genuine marks as well as a unique serial number stamped into the frame. For added realism and precision, the revolver has a double action trigger system and an adjustable rear sight. Except for the ergonomic grip made of durable A.B.S. plastic, the Dan Wesson revolver is built of metal. The 12g CO2 Powered is housed in the grip and may be accessible by sliding the grip back – easy-load design. Each of the six cartridges contains one 6mm B.B. and is housed in a metal cylinder that spins with each round fired. The revolver comes with a speed-loader, a tactical rail attachment, and six bullets. This snub nose revolver’s matte black finish will withstand fighting conditions on the field. This one is heavy, but small enough to carry in your pocket if you’re experimenting with a bare-bones loadout. While the price of this CO2 Powered snub-nosed handgun is a touch steep, this revolver will not let you down. What you pay for is what you get. With this stubby airsoft revolver, you can expect to wow both others and yourself.


  • Excellent quality
  • True to the original guns
  • Rear Sight Adjustment
  • Grip that is ergonomic
  • 480 to 515 frames per second
  • Speedloader is included.


  • The high cost
  • Reloading with an authentic flip-up 6-shot wheel. Included is a speed reloader.
  • Genuine hammer / trigger action
  • Single power supply, low grouping, and excellent range
  • The rear sight is adjustable, but the front sight is fixed.
  • The trigger is made of metal, and the inner barrel is carefully machined.
  • On-Frame Security Lock Button

If you’re anything like me, a snub nose isn’t the way to go when it comes to revolvers. If I’m going to possess something that can shoot at 500 frames per second, it has to appear like it can. If you’re looking for a hand cannon, the WinGun 8″ Magnum is a real option. The entire metal structure fits perfectly in the hand. Except for the CO2 cartridges, this set has everything you need. If someone on the opposing team sees a teammate take a hit from this revolver, they should consider themselves lucky. This revolver’s high F.P.S. and long barrel, along with heavier B.B. weights, make it the ideal pocket sniper. You can install a magnified optic to the provided upper rail to assist you spot your targets. The only issue you’ll have is figuring out how to transport this airsoft revolver. After you’ve handled the WinGun 8″, you’ll want to choose a revolver belt to round out your revolver loadout.


  • Airsoft revolver in full size
  • Top rail for accessories is included.
  • 450 to 500 frames per second
  • The cost


  • Only 6 shells are included

This airsoft pistol is designed to feel like a vintage revolver but with modern modifications. The Elite Force H8R is a fun, easy-to-shoot airsoft pistol with fiber optic sights, two accessory rails, and an adjustable hop-up. The Elite Force H8R 6mm Airsoft Pistol comes with five rotary magazines each holding ten rounds of 6 mm plastic airsoft B.B.s. The Elite Force H8R, with all-metal internal parts and a polymer frame, will perform admirably in any shooting situation. On the field, the sleek matte black finish and futuristic design make it frightening. Another feature that distinguishes this revolver from others is its locking cartridge chamber. The H8R’s fastener is permanently linked to the rifle, so you won’t lose it. The drawbacks of this revolver are clearly insufficient to compensate for the inexpensive cost of a CO2 pistol. Because to its F.P.S., it is one of the few gas-powered airsoft revolvers that can be used indoors. To be at the top of any of our lists, an airsoft gun must be functional. Because of its lower F.P.S., it lacks the long-range effectiveness of comparable revolvers. Nonetheless, the Elite Force H8R takes the top spot on this list due to its ability to be used indoors.


  • Ten-round magazine
  • There are 5 rotary magazines supplied.
  • CO2 cartridge lock is attached.
  • 320 frames per second
  • Efficient use of gas


  • Cylinder that is fixed
  • Past 100 feet, it is no longer accurate.
  • Unusual magazines are tough to transport.

These spring-powered airsoft imitation Revolvers are among the most popular on the market! Perfect for collectors, target shooters, and backyard “plinkers.” Load one round into each of the shells provided and insert it into one of the six cylinders. The hammer cocks back, achieving “double-action” cylinder rotation with each trigger stroke, just like the genuine thing. The rifle comes with eight single round shell magazines and a 6″ barrel black version with a black handle. The revolver has a fixed hop-up for accuracy, fires 0.12 gram 6mm B.B. rounds at muzzle velocity of up to 200 feet per second, and does not require batteries. High-quality plastic is used. T.S.D. Sports provides excellent quality and performance. Warranty This T.S.D. Sports product comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty against material and workmanship faults. Make certain that your revolver is from T.S.D. Sports! Make certain that you’re T.S.D. Sports / UHC Spring Revolver arrives in the same condition as shown, with the authentic glossy T.S.D. red and black Product Label attached to the side. Accept no substitutes! UHC Revolvers that do not have this sticker are not from T.S.D. and do not come with our 30-day warranty.


  • It has a good weight to it, making it more real.
  • Its large 6 inch barrel makes it ideal for long distance shooting.
  • Excellent complete metal finish.
  • Excellent first-time gun.


  • Only shoots at 260 frames per second, reducing accuracies

The Colt Peacemaker is the only revolver that has caught the American imagination. The ancient S.A.A. had a high durability on the frontier and an even longer existence in Hollywood. And you may now fire a real Colt without the cost or kick of the. 45. The Colt Peacemaker six-shooter is a tack-driver that uses individual cartridges to fire pellets. The grip is where the CO2 is kept. This genuine air pistol is as entertaining to look at as it is to shoot.


  • It looks fantastic.
  • Excellent weight
  • Shooting experience that is realistic
  • Accurate and low-cost to use


  • There is no CO2 included.
  • Because of its 6-shot capacity and sluggish reloading, it can get you “killed” in airsoft battle.

Considerations Before Purchasing an Airsoft Revolver

When reading airsoft revolver review articles, keep the following points in mind:

  • Genuine Appearances

Military girl in camouflage clothing holding a revolver gun against a military background on a shooting range. Many airsoft enthusiasts value airsoft revolvers primarily for their collectability. If this is the case for you, attempt to go with an officially licenced version to make it look more authentic. Many of these revolvers have the orange plastic tip. This is for safety reasons, as these revolvers may appear too lifelike otherwise.

  • Size

If you want to learn and practise with the airsoft replica before moving on to the real thing, you’ll need precise measurements. Some revolvers are 2 inches longer than others, therefore the size might vary. This is due to the longer barrel. The shorter barrel makes it easier to conceal, so you can figure out how to carry the revolver comfortably with the airsoft replica.

  • Weight

A big gun in your hand usually feels much better because it feels more realistic. In comparison, a lightweight revolver often feels like a toy. More metal in the revolver’s frame and interior sections is required for the proper weight. This also increases its durability and dependability.

  • Power Source: Spring or Gas?

You gain increased range and power using gas or CO2 cartridges. It’s only that they’re an extra cost. A spring system can provide adequate power and is less expensive. The spring, on the other hand, can wear out over time.

  • F.P.S.

Cowboy battling with a gun The greater the velocity of your bullets in feet per second, the greater the range and accuracy. They’re ideal for plinking in the backyard. However, if you strike someone with high-velocity shots at close range, you can injure them. Some airsoft clubs even prohibit the fps rating of airsoft guns, so be sure you can use your revolver as a sidearm at these clubs.

  • Total number of rounds

A real revolver carries six bullets, while airsoft models can have up to ten shots per cartridge. It’s less realistic to have ten bullets in the revolver, but it makes you more effective in airsoft combat. Check to see if you can load your cartridges faster.

  • Accessories

If you intend to utilize a spotlight or a red-dot laser, see if the rail system will accept your accessories.

What Makes Airsoft Revolvers So Unique?

Before proceeding, it is critical to comprehend the primary disadvantage of airsoft revolvers. The muzzle velocity of the majority of high-quality best airsoft revolver exceeds 500 feet per second. Indoor fields do not permit the use of firearms. Most airsoft revolvers will not function if there are no adjacent indoor fields. The outdoors is perfect for airsoft revolvers, especially if they are loaded with bigger B.B.s. When you’re aiming at an enemy from close range, it can be unsettling to take it to them. Although most best airsoft revolver lack a hop-up unit, it will make hitting targets easier. The large barrels of some pistols also increase their range.

  • Magazine Capacity and Reloading

There is also a limitation with airsoft revolvers. Most airsoft revolvers, like their firearm counterparts, can only store six bullets. This enables for a greater number of reloads and fewer errors. Spray-and-pray is not possible with an A.E.G. that has a high-capacity magazine. Your fills will be unlike anything you’ve done before on the field. Reloading best airsoft revolver is one of my favorite things to do on the field. Loading an airsoft revolver is a lot of fun because it feels just like the genuine thing. Some include shells that must be manually loaded. Loaders resembling cap guns are used by some. They are speed loaders into which pellets can be loaded and added. These shells must be kept secure. They are little and can roll.

Replacement shells are available for the majority of best airsoft revolver. These shells are usually relatively inexpensive. They are not required to be replaced. They’re tough and won’t break if dropped during reloads. You can improve your accuracy by having fewer rounds to fire. Your shots will be more useful. My first foray into airsoft began when I purchased a spring-action shotgun with only ten shots per reload. I had to figure out how to hit the appropriate shots while avoiding foul shots. When you get your weapon back, you’ll be glad you practiced with the smaller magazine. You’ll have realized the significance of each photo.

  • Power

Airsoft revolvers are popular for one reason: they have few moving parts and are easy to use. This decreases the possibility of your airsoft pistol being destroyed or rendered inoperable. Most airsoft weapons are simple to maintain and disassemble. This list includes revolvers that can shoot in either double or single action. This means you can train with an airsoft revolver without spending money on ammo.

Is there a airsoft revolver?

The first thing you’ll consider is why you’re looking for an best airsoft revolver in the first place. Some are only interested in replicas of legendary revolvers for their collections. That is, having an authentic appearance is the primary concern.

You might wish to employ a prop for a shot, but the most crucial thing is to look authentic. However, if you want one as a prop for a film project, it should also function realistically. It’s really difficult to utilize this as a backup weapon in genuine airsoft CQB simulations. But if you believe you’re that good, the challenge will be enjoyable. Simply make sure it’s simple to reload. You only have a limited number of ammunition at your disposal, so you’ll run out of ammo faster. Make sure you don’t have to bumble your way through the reloading procedure.

What is the fastest airsoft pistol?

After being invented in Japan in the 1970s, airsoft has been around since then. Many models and platforms have come and gone since then, but certain jewels have remained for several decades and have yet to be dethroned. In our 2022 list, we explore at the Best Airsoft revolvers available now.

When discussing the quickest airsoft pistol, we took into account a lot of key aspects, including:

The first statistic we consider to identify the best airsoft pistol is shooting performance, which includes F.P.S. and accuracy at various ranges. Following that, we prefer airsoft handguns with adjustable hop-up and high-quality bucking in order to pick handguns capable of consistently creating backspin on the B.B.s.

Internal Build Quality – Internal build quality considers the quality of the gun’s internal components, from its trigger to its inner barrel and everything in between. Reliability – To qualify for our list, an airsoft pistol must demonstrate precision construction in order to offer optimum reliability across a wide range of conditions.

External Build Quality – The quality of the gun’s external components, such as its iron sights, grip, slide, and tactical rail, is considered.

Value – Affordable airsoft pistols that rank highly in all of the above areas are emphasized above more costly airsoft pistols that rank highly because “bang for your buck” is an essential criterion for the majority of airsoft players. Check out this post on what goes into the cost of an airsoft gun for more information on how to assess the worth of an airsoft pistol.

What is the most realistic airsoft gun?

However, they are not as effective as A.E.G.s or ordinary G.B.B.s, which is why they are rarely seen in a real airsoft battle. So, if you’re looking for a realistic airsoft gun that’s also good on the field, we recommend checking out the top airsoft revolver reviews.

What is the best airsoft gun in the world?

Airsoft can be a highly competitive sport that necessitates the use of the proper weaponry in order to win. Just remember to have fun! Whatever you’re playing style with best airsoft revolver, there is an airsoft gun to fit you. If you do your homework and genuinely understand your own tastes, you’ll be able to select the greatest airsoft gun in the world to optimize your efficiency on the battlefield.


While the other best airsoft revolver on this list have the full power expected of their class, they do not top the list due to their limited application. If you’re seeking for hand cannon status airsoft revolvers, you’ve come to the right place. There are very few revolvers that are both safe for indoor use and of any quality.

The Crosman Vigilante 357 impressed us because it had the realistic look and feel of a Saturday night special. This is suitable for use in movies or for Halloween, and it looks fantastic. What really distinguishes this is that you may modify the fps rating simply by selecting the appropriate type of ammo. Lead pellets can be used if there is a 350-fps limit. When steel B.B.s are used, the speed increases to 400 fps. With allow pellets, you can even get it up to 500 fps, which is fantastic for pests like rats. Try the Crosman Vigilante 357, which may be the greatest airsoft revolver you can buy, whether you want one for a prop, practice, or true airsoft warfare.

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