Hunting is one of the most increasingly popular past-time today and it involves a lot of patience and skill for the hunter. And nowadays, no matter how skillful you are, being able to see from far away can be hard without the proper equipment. To see your target from a long-distance would need great quality binoculars. Binoculars will help you to pinpoint your targets’ location easily. 

With the amount of binoculars there are in the current market, it would be undeniably hard to determine which binocular is the best one for hunting. But with this guide, you will be able to find which are the best binoculars for hunting. 

The Best Binoculars for Hunting 

Take note that the best binocular for hunting would depend on you, your location, and what you will be hunting. Each binocular is unique and has a set of qualities that each hunter may need. So no binocular is better than the other in terms of those because the hunter should determine the qualities they look for in a binocular such as its field of view, magnification, etc. 

However, there is a fine line between a high-quality and a low-quality binocular which we will tackle now.

One of the best binoculars for hunting, with a combination of great features, durability, and high-performance, the Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars is one of the best in today’s market. 

It features a high-density optical system that provides high-resolution, unlike any other model. With its 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens diameter, you are able to see your target from a fair distance with a very wide field of view because of the 42mm lens diameter. Not to mention, its XR anti-reflective lens coatings give bright, full views even in low-light situations.

One of the greatest features of this pair of binoculars is its argon purging and O-ring seals which makes it waterproof and even fog proof. And the ultra-hard, scratch-resistant armortek protects the exterior of the Vortex Viper HD from any dirt, oil, or debris. 

Its easy-to-grip, rubber-armored chassis and perfectly placed thumb indents make it comfortable and ergonomic. These binoculars’ twist-up eyecups also provide its user with great eye relief.

And to top it all off, it also has a Glass Pak Chest Harness for a comfortable, protected, strain-free, all-day carry. What else would you look for in hunting binoculars when the Viper HD already has everything you’ll need during your hunt. 


  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Durable
  • Works great in low-light situations
  • Has a chest harness for comfortability
  • Includes accessories


  • Its eye relief isn’t the best
  • Quite expensive

Another 10×42 binocular is the Vanguard Endeavor. It features an extra-low dispersion (ED) glass that provides exceptional detail, brilliant colors, and high-resolution images. And with its advanced multi guard coatings, it gives the Vanguard Endeavor a higher light transmittance even in low-light settings.

It is also great for comfortability as it features a 3-stage twist-out eyecup system with long eye relief. The great thing about the Vanguard Endeavor is that it has phase-coated BAK4 roof prisms that enhance the image resolution and edge-to-edge clarity.  Lastly, the Vanguard Endeavor is both waterproof and fog proof, which makes it great for the harsh weather. 

This particular pair of binoculars are known for their image clarity and high-resolution images. Hunters recommend this for its high-quality images. And with the current market, the Vanguard Endeavor is one of the most recommended and has gathered several positive reviews among hunters all over the globe. 


  • Great value for your money
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Great image quality
  • Can work efficiently in low-light


  • Quite heavy
  • Harness not included

The Bushnell Trophy Roof Binoculars are one of the best-valued binoculars on the market. They are basically binoculars for all-weather and all-around hunting. They have multi-coated lenses of the 10×42 optics that provide crisp and bright pictures, especially in low-light settings. And when time is tight, the fast focus works wonders for hunters.

They are waterproof and fog proof to IPX7 standards and have been developed and manufactured using the most recent waterproof and fog-proof technologies. They are O-ring sealed for total moisture resistance and nitrogen purged to eliminate all interior moisture and avoid fogging. 

While its soft-touch thumb grips provide for pleasant, simple handling in the field, hinged quick-flip lens coverings keep dirt and debris out of your objectives when not in use. While flip covers shield the objective lenses from the weather, they are fragile and readily come off.

Overall, you will be able to get the value of your money, and compared to other models on the market, they give you the best bang for your cash.


  • IPX7 standard of waterproof and fog proof
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable
  • Features a fats focus


  • Quite heavy and not suitable for travel
  • Flimsy lens covers that are always falling off

One of the most popular binoculars on the market is the Bushnell H2O Roof Prism Binoculars. And true to its name, this binocular is waterproof, with its  O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged unit. Not to mention, it is also fog proof.

It is built with high-quality optics with stunning HD clarity, making the image very clear even from a distance as it is an 8x42mm type of binoculars. With the BaK 4 prisms and multi-coated optics, it is able to offer crisp, clear images with improved light transmission.

The Bushnell H2O has a non-slip rubber armor and soft texture grip that is able to absorb shock and provides a firm grip even with wet hands. 

Compared to other models, this one is the most affordable but still provides you with excellent quality features and construction. So if you are under a budget but would want to get the value of your money, then you should give the Bushnell H2O a try.


  • Affordable
  • Great quality image
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Multi-coated optics


  • Not as durable as the other models

The Nikon 7577 is not the most affordable option, but it is well worth considering because of its user-friendly features, robust build, and optical capabilities. The model is offered in two different magnifications, an 8×42 and a 10×42. So you are able to choose the one that best meets your needs, the sort of prey you hunt for, and your hand shakiness.

It is also almost an ounce lighter than its predecessor so the new Monarch 5 is even easier to bring along on your next adventure as it is much lighter and much more compact.

It’s also worth mentioning that this device’s optical components are completely multi-coated, thus light transmission will surely be comparable. Another aspect where the Nikon 7577 excels is a user-friendly interface since it has flip-down lens covers, a smooth central focus knob, and the turn-and-slide rubber eyecups featured on other models manufactured by the same manufacturer.

Finally, because it is designed for heavy usage, the Nikon 7577 is waterproof, fog-proof, and has a rubber-armored body for increased durability. And, at 1.35 pounds, it comes as no surprise that you will be able to get as much out of these binoculars without them weighing you down while you observe your prey’s movements.


  • Comes in two of the best magnification – 8x and 10x
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • High-resolution image
  • User-friendly interface


  • Expensive

Tips When Using Binoculars for Hunting

Tips When Using Binoculars for Hunting

Use Magnification

Using magnification will help you to pinpoint your target even from a considerable distance. By using this, you won’t have to go near your target and scare them. 

Double Check its Focus

A very useful feature is your focus so always double-check and change your focus whenever you change surroundings for you to get the best possible image. 

Don’t Rely on it Too Much

Relying too much on your binoculars is not a great way to hunt because although it is useful, becoming reliant on it will prevent you from looking at the bigger picture. Your full perspective will be that of what you see within your binoculars and not what your eyes can see.

Make Use of the Sun

The sun is very helpful but only when used correctly. Make sure that the sun is behind you to get a better view. Also, prevent yourself from looking directly at the sun using your binoculars as it may damage your eyes.

Always Clean Your Lenses Before Use

And the most important tip is to always clean your binoculars’ lenses before, during, and after usage. Clean lenses make a huge difference in how sharp the image will be. This also helps when you are in low-light situations or your target is particularly hard to track. 

What is The Best Magnification for Hunting?

best magnnification for hunting

Having magnification is one of today’s greatest inventions as it helps hunters to see their target even from a distance. Without it, hunters would have a difficult time seeing and locating their target because going near any wild animal would alert them of your presence and would run away. 

With the use of binoculars, hunters can follow and stalk their prey even with ample distance between them. So in finding the best magnification, it is important to find which optics would provide you with enough magnification for you to observe your target from a distance. 

A binoculars’ magnification would include both the magnification and the lens diameter. The first number is your magnification and the second number would be the lens diameter. For example, 8×50 or 10×42.

The lens diameter will give you an indication of how your binocular will operate in low-light situations and how wide an image will appear. The larger the lens diameter is, the better it will work in low light situations and would have a larger and wider field of view. However, having a larger lens diameter will increase the binoculars’ weight and size which could be difficult for some.

Two of the most common and best magnifications for hunting are 8x and 10x. An 8x magnification is perfect for hunting in the woods, while a 10x magnification is great in providing you with more zooming capabilities, making the 10x ideal for open areas such as deserts.

What Is The Difference Between a Full-Sized Binoculars to a Compact Binocular

compact binocoulars

When hunting, it is much ideal to bring equipment that is lightweight so as to not hinder you from hunting. And this is the same for binoculars, so hunters typically would use either compact or full-sized binoculars. But what is their difference?


Full-sized binoculars work better than compact binoculars because they have a larger lens diameter. They also provide better light transmission and more features. However, because they have a larger lens, it would weigh more than a compact binocular. 

Pros and Cons

  • Functions better than compact binoculars
  • Has a larger field of view
  • Clearer image
  • Great in low-light situations
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Needs its harness to not disrupt your hunting.
  • It Will be heavy on your neck


Compact binoculars, just like their name suggests, are compact and lightweight. It would be much more accessible and easy to bring on hunts. However, they would have a smaller lens diameter which would lessen its functionality in low-light environments. It will also have a smaller field of view.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Accessible
  • Won’t be heavy on the neck
  • Can fit inside your pocket
  • Smaller and narrow field of view
  • Not great for low-light areas

Factors to Consider Before Buying Binoculars 

Before you buy your binoculars, there are several factors you should consider to make sure that you get the best binoculars for hunting. There are aspects you need to consider as these will determine a binocular cost and quality when used. So instead of buying what’s on “trend”, study the 10 factors below to find what you want in your binoculars. 


Binocular magnification is crucial. A lot say that the bigger the magnification, the better it is. But that isn’t always the case when it comes to hunting. The best magnification and most recommended by hunters is 8x and 10x because anything bigger than that may cause the image to be shaky and unstable. This could make your hunting trip difficult. So getting any magnification from 7x to 10x is already great but if you feel that you need higher or more magnification, we recommend you to get a spotting scope

Objective Lens

Your objective lens is the diameter of the lens where if you have a larger number, you would get a wider field of view. Not only that but it also determines if the binoculars will work great in low-light situations. The downside of having a large diameter is that it will add weight to the binoculars. It will also be pricier than that of a lower diameter.

The most common and recommended diameter for hunting binoculars is 40mm and 42mm. But if you will ask hunters, they would usually go for the 42mm as it works great in low-light and has a wide field of view. 

Field of View (FOV)

Another important factor for hunting binoculars is its field of view (FOV). Having a wide field of view for hunting binoculars will help hunters to view their environment easier. Not only that but a high field of view will provide your binoculars less shakiness and more area to cover. It is the widest dimension you can see and it is measured in feet over 1000 yards. 

If you’re planning to hunt in very open areas, using a higher field of view will be very helpful as it will make aiming and tracking your target easier. 

Take note that using your magnification will reduce the size of the image, which is the same case for the field of view. 

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the space between your eyes and the binoculars while still being able to see the image. It plays an important role in the hunter’s comfort and stability of the image that the binoculars will show. Without sufficient eye relief, the hunter will be able to see the center of the image while the field of view is restricted. 

The eye relief of binoculars is particularly helpful for people who use sunglasses or glasses. If you do plan to wear eyeglasses, a 15mm or higher eye relief would be sufficient to give you the full view of ocular lenses.

Focus Type

For hunting binoculars, there are three types of focus you can choose from. The first type of focus is the individual focus which is able to focus independently. Second is the central focus which consists of a focusing ring that is found in the center of the binoculars. Lastly, the focus-free binoculars do not need to be adjusted. This last type of focus is great only for medium distances and would not work as efficiently when used for short or long distances.

Lens Coating

Each binocular lens is coated in a material that protects the lenses and enhances the image you see through the binoculars. Not only that, without an optical coating, it can result in light-reflecting which can hinder you from tracking your target on the hunting field. 

These coatings are on the surface of the objective lens which can prevent and even reduce light from glaring of which can result in a better hunting experience due to a clearer, brighter image. 

Find binoculars that are multi-coated for a better hunting trip. These multi-coated lenses may feature anti-scratch and can repel water.

Image Quality

When tracking and stalking your prey from a distance, the image quality of your binoculars is important as this will determine if you’d be able to see your target clearly. And the image quality you get will be based on your budget because binoculars that have a greater image quality are much more expensive than those with lower image quality. 

So if you are a regular hunter, then investing in binoculars with great image quality will benefit you in the long run. However, if image quality is not that important to you, then there are numerous budget-friendly binoculars out there on the market. 

But remember, with the more magnification you use, the image quality can be reduced. 


Waterproofness may not be important if you don’t plan on hunting in the rain but if you do decide otherwise, having waterproof binoculars will be useful. But because weather can sometimes be unpredictable, having waterproof binoculars will be a great investment because the last thing you would want to happen is to damage your binoculars due to unexpected rain.

With waterproof binoculars, not only can it prevent water from seeping through but also prevent any dirt and debris from getting inside the binoculars. Not to mention, waterproofing means that it would also be fog proof. When buying waterproof binoculars, choose one that has a rubber coating so that when it rains, you’ll have a better grip on them.  

Weight and Size

Weight and size may differ in terms of what type of binoculars you are going to get. As mentioned, full-sized binoculars are heavier than compact binoculars. And it goes without saying that full-sized binoculars are not ideal for traveling because they are quite heavy and bulkier. 

What makes a full-sized binocular heavy and big is the lens diameter and other features it has and if using a full-sized one is not very appealing to you, you can always choose compact binoculars. But do take note that compact binoculars have fewer features and do not work great in low-light.


With the amount of binoculars that are on the market, we can’t say for sure what is the best price for hunting binoculars. 

To find the best binoculars for the best price, we suggest that you carefully analyze the factors mentioned above as they are some of the deciding factors as to how expensive or how cheap your hunting binoculars would be. For example, compact binoculars are cheaper compared to full-sized ones due to the difference in feature, size, and weight. 

Most of the time, a more expensive model is made with higher-quality materials and provides hunters with many features as opposed to a cheaper model. However, that is not always the case. So take your time in doing your research because binoculars aren’t something you can buy right off the bat without doing any kind of research. 

Find what works for you and invest in excellent quality binoculars.

FAQs About The Best Binoculars for Hunting

What Do The Numbers in Binoculars Mean?

The numbers that you see on your binoculars are the magnification (8x, 10x) and the objective lens diameter (40mm, 42mm). It shows how much it can magnify the image and how the binoculars would work in a low-light setting. Take note that a bigger lens diameter would result in better low-light performance, heavier, and bulkier binoculars.

What is The Best Magnification and Len Diameter for Hunting?

As mentioned above, the best magnification for hunting binoculars is anything between 7x to 10x. The magnification will help you to stalk and track your prey, so make sure that you choose the right magnification for your prey. 

And the most used and recommended lens diameter is 42mm. This lens diameter would already work great in low-light settings with an 8x magnification. It would also give you a wide field of view. However, if you think that 42mm is not enough to cover enough area, you can get something bigger. But do take note that if you do get a bigger lens diameter, not only will the binoculars be heavier and bulkier, it will also reduce the image quality if you use the magnification.

Hunters commonly use 8×42 binoculars as it is popular among beginner to experienced hunters.

What Should I Look for When Buying Binoculars?

There are many characteristics in binoculars that you should look for to make sure that you are getting the best hunting binoculars there are. However, due to the amount of different types and models of binoculars there in the market, you would have to determine which characteristic or factor is important to you. 

For example, you want something lightweight, then compact binoculars are the model for you, but remember, compact means less space for more features. But if you want to have a lot of features and would work great in low-light, then a bigger objective lens would work great. But a bigger lens diameter would make the binoculars heavier.

So, choose what’s important for you by reading through and analyzing the guide written above. 

Are Binoculars Necessary When Hunting?

They are not necessarily needed when hunting, however, it does give you a ton of benefits such as long-range scouting and a clearer and closer image of your target. There are some cases that hunters shoot the wrong target, so using binoculars will be able to help you see much closer. 

If you have the extra budget to buy binoculars, then we suggest that you go for it! But if you don’t then a scope will suffice. Scopes also have their own benefits and can work great for other hunters. There are also a ton of different types of scopes such as night vision scope, thermal scopes, or just regular scopes. So as long as you choose the perfect one for you, then you’re good to go!

How Much Should I Spend on Binoculars?

There are a lot of different price ranges for binoculars as the price will differ in what other features they have. Some may be scratchproof, waterproof, have a bigger objective lens diameter, a higher magnification, etc. All the factors written above will have something to do with its price so if you are under a tight budget, then choosing binoculars that are smaller and have fewer features will be the best choice. But if you have a little bit more to spend, then a bigger one would be great because it has more features.

However, that is not always the case. So be sure that you are researching about the brand, manufacturer, and its features so that you are getting your money’s worth and not just splurging on something that won’t last long.


The overall construction of the binoculars is quite important so you must conduct some research and read multiple customer reviews to ensure that you purchase the best binoculars for hunting that will fit your needs. With that being said, if you want to get the best model, you must also examine the numerous details such as the factors you need to consider before buying that are listed above. 

Choosing the best hunting binoculars requires time and even a little bit of work. But with a little perseverance, you’ll have the hunting binoculars of your dream in no time.

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