About the Blog

Accurately Shooting is an online guide for those who loves airsoft guns, hunting, and the likes. It was made by airsoft gun enthusiasts to provide updates, tips, and even reviews to help other airsoft enthusiasts especially beginners.

If you are wondering how to start your hunting and even your airsoft shooting, this is the blog for you. You don’t have to be an expert to understand what we shared here. Each content is written to help even newbies get into the details of collecting their own equipment to how to do airsoft shooting as a hobby.

Playing Airsoft gun with the team

About the Blogger

Trevor Darby is a professional SEO marketing expert whose goal is to provide informative, enlightening, and well researched content that helps both this clients’ brand and their target audience connect better. With years of expertise in the SEO under his belt, Trevor has worked with various industries in reaching their target audience and showcase their expertise.

Other than being an SEO, Trevor is also fond of airsoft shooting activities. He has done airsoft along with hunting for years now first as a way to relax until the hobby turned into a passionate sport. Since then he has also encouraged others, including his friends, get started with airsoft as a means to enjoy sport. Using his expertise as an SEO, he now uses his profession to provide informative and enlightening content about airsoft to those who wish to start it as well.

The content in this blog is both written with the enthusiasts and beginners in mind. We understand the details of airsoft and we want to provide you with content from tips to how-tos that will help you know more about airsoft.


About Airsoft

Airsoft is a competitive shooting where participants eliminate opposing players by tagging them out using airsoft guns. Know more about it here with us at Accurately Shooting.