Whether it may be small or large animals, hunting has been a popular past-time since a few thousand years ago. But the earliest evidence of hunting dates back to the early Pleistocene period. 

As a past-time, hunting small game animals like rabbits and squirrels is a great group activity or even a solo hunting game. But sometimes, hunting small game animals can turn into competitions where the one who brings the largest squirrel or rabbit gets the prize. 

As mentioned, hunting is a popular past-time, especially in Tanzania. But hunting is not only a past-time. It is sometimes something necessary for someone to do to put meat on the table. But hunting small game animals doesn’t feed a lot, maybe just enough for one. If you want to pursue bigger animals like deers, check out our article about deer hunting!

But before you are able to get that winning squirrel, you have to look for an air gun that will help you achieve that. Below, we have listed a few of the best pellet guns you can use to hunt for leisure or a more competitive event to help you get that winning squirrel. 

What is a Pellet Gun?

An air gun is just another name for a pellet gun. It is a non-lethal gun used for hunting small game animals such as squirrels and rabbits, training for police and military personnel, and crowd control by police or military officers.

Pellets are commonly produced of lead or a mixture of lead and other metals. Several pellets are constructed of metal and even plastic, making them lightweight and safe. Since lead is a soft metal, the chances of a pellet ricocheting are very small. Pellets bounce, but most of their energy is dissipated when they come into contact with something. Pellets have a far better aerodynamic shape, making them highly accurate, perfect for hunting small game animals that are fast and swift.

Pellet Gun

The Best Pellet Gun for Squirrels

Below, we listed 5 of the top pellet guns that are great for hunting squirrels. You will notice that we mainly listed air rifles because rifles are highly recommended for hunting squirrels as you can use a scope that helps you aim at your target, and rifles are more accurate than other types of guns.

1. Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254


  • .177-caliber pellet single cocking break barrel
  • 1420 fps with PBA Platinum
  • Powerful, quiet, accurate
  • Features the Whisper Fusion technology, the quietest noise reduction technology patented by Gamo
  • Gamo 3-9×40 scope with RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail) – Absorbs the recoil of the rifle increasing the lifespan of the scope
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger) – Independently adjust 1st and 2nd stages, adjust your trigger to your personal preference, make it predictable. 
  • Comfortable all-weather synthetic ambidextrous stock
  • Made in Spain

The Gamo Whisper Fusion is perfect for squirrel hunting. Gamo guns are exceptional when it comes to hunting. This exact pellet gun is one of the quietest pellet guns in the market because of its Whisper Fusion Technology, which reduces its noise. This is especially great when hunting squirrels as they are swift and sound-sensitive animals. 

Its Recoil Reducing Rail or RRR absorbs the gun’s recoil, which increases the scopes’ lifespan. Additionally, you are able to adjust your trigger to how you want it to make shooting easier with its Custom Action Trigger. This helps you to put personalization to a different level. 

Lastly, this pellet gun is both durable and reliable with its all-weather synthetic ambidextrous stock, making it easier for both right and left-handed people. 


  • Great for stealth
  • Trigger is smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Very accurate
  • Powerful


  • So-so scope
  • Hard to clean the barrel

2. Gamo Wildcat Whisper


  • .177-caliber pellet single cocking break barrel
  • 1300 fps with PBA Platinum
  • Features an IGT (Inert Gas Technology) 
  • This air rifle also features the well known WHISPER noise reduction technology patented by Gamo
  • 4 x 32 Shockproof Scope. 
  • Gamo trigger with adjustable second stage.
  • It has a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock with a rubber recoil pad. 
  • Lightweight design.
  • Made In Spain

The Gamo Wildcat Whisper is a gas piston rifle that features Inert Gas Technology which replaces the spring. This delivers a terminal velocity of 1300 fps in a .177-caliber and 975 fps in a .22-caliber. It also gives you less vibrations when shot, a more consistent power, and lastly, makes the cocking effort smoother.

And just like the Gamo Whisper Fusion, it also features the Whisper Noise Reduction Technology, making it another quiet rifle that is great for stealth in hunting small game animals like squirrels and rabbits.

Its design features a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock and a rubber recoil pad. Its lightweight is also something to take note of as it is quite handy out in the field.


  • Highly accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Great for stealth
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • Smooth Trigger
  • Great value for your money


  • Loud at first but gets quieter for each shot

3. Ruger Blackhawk Combo


  • 1000 fps with lead pellet
  • Spring piston powered
  • 3.3 lb trigger pull
  • 14.5 inch length of pull
  • Cocking effort 30 lbs
  • Overall length 44.8 inches
  • .177 caliber
  • Dual Shock Reinforcement
  • 35 yd Parallax Setting

The Ruger Blackhawk is a great hunting rifle. We can confidently say that this gun is worth trying to hunt small game animals like squirrels with. This pellet rifle is a single-stroke spring-piston air rifle with an all-weather synthetic polymer black stock.  

It can shoot up to 1000 fps which is quite powerful, especially if you use a .22-caliber pellet. You would be able to kill your target squirrel swiftly and as humanely as possible. It’s both dense and strong, giving this pellet gun an authentic feel of a real rifle. 

This pellet rifle is no joke and is quite a steal. It is heavy, powerful, and perfect for your hunts out in the field or for pest control. 


  • Highly Accurate
  • Great build
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • High fps
  • Great value for your money


  • Scope is slightly wonky
  • Quite loud

4. Diana Model 48 Sidelever Action Spring Piston Air Rifle


  • Beechwood stock
  • 1100 FPS (.177-caliber), 900 FPS (.22-caliber)
  • Side Lever action
  • Cocking effort: 39 lbs.
  • Blade & ramp front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight (windage & elevation)
  • 11mm dovetail scope mount
  • Rubber buttplate
  • 3.3-lb. trigger pull
  • Automatic safety
  • Spring piston power plant
  • Single shot

The Diana Model 48 can operate on both .177-caliber and .22-caliber pellets. The .177-caliber can reach up to 1100 fps, but the .22-caliber pellet is the most suitable for this pellet air rifle. The .22 provides you with great power and great accuracy with smooth shooting, especially when hunting down small game animals like squirrels. It also features an adjustable rear sight to provide you with windage and elevation when hunting on the field.

This spring-piston air rifle offers hunters an excellent and high-quality gun that will make your hunting experience fun and exciting! It is definitely worth trying, especially if you have the money to purchase this rifle.


  • Powerful
  • Highly Accurate
  • Great quality build
  • It is a self-contained unit
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to load pellets
  • Sleek body
  • Ergonomic
  • Reliable


  • Heavy due to the springer
  • Not very cheap

5. Crosman CLGY1000KT Legacy 1000


  • Durable, water-resistant synthetic design – With rifled steel barrel, built-in 850 BB reservoir and side-load pellet chamber
  • Variable control – From 750 fps to 1000 fps
  • Compatible with .177-caliber pellets or traditional steel BBs – Includes 17-round spring-loaded BB magazine 
  • Crossbolt safety – To ensure proper and safe handling
  • Comes with a fiber-optic sight and 4 x 15 mm scope – For greater accuracy
  • Ideal for plinking and/or pest control

The Crosman CLGY1000KT Legacy 1000 is Crossman’s most advanced variable pump air rifle, bringing hunting animals to a new and higher level of power and performance. With the rifle’s steel barrel and built-in reservoir, it is very durable and reliable, even when in extreme weather conditions. Take note that it also features a water-resistant synthetic design, meaning you can use this rifle even if it’s raining or snowing because the quality will not deteriorate due to the water and mud.

You are also able to control how strong the velocity would be as it has precise variable control available. Here, you can control the power of your shot so that you won’t blow off too much meat from the squirrel if you are planning to eat it. 

The only downside is that the scope quality could be better, though its fiber-optic sight does make up for the scope’s construction. Overall, it is still a great hunting gun, especially with its numerous excellent features that will give you a great hunting experience. 


  • Powerful
  • Highly accurate
  • Great for both long and short range shooting
  • Great value for your money
  • High performance air rifle
  • Durable and reliable
  • Great quality build
  • Lightweight (due to its almost all plastic construction)


  • Made of almost all plastic (might not what other hunters want in a pellet gun)
  • Scope quality can be better

6. Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Air Pistol – Model 2004


  • Caliber: .177 Pellet
  • Velocity: 410 fps
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
  • Pump: Single (Recoilless)
  • Action: Single Stroke Pneumatic
  • Finish: Polymer Frame
  • Rear Sights: Adjustable for Windage and Elevation
  • Scope Rail: 11mm (Requires Medium Rings)
  • Trigger Pull: 4 lbs.
  • Trigger: Target Style
  • Safety: Manual
  • Grips: Custom Shaped, Finger Grooved

This Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Air Pistol has a lower fps but can still pack a punch when hunting squirrels. But because it has a lower fps, it wouldn’t be the best at long range. It’s recommended to use it for short-range shooting. Something to take note of is that it is not as powerful as the ones mentioned above because of its lower fps. 

Though this pistol is not as powerful as the others, it is highly accurate. This pistol is excellent for beginners who want to start hunting small game animals, but we can not guarantee that you would kill a squirrel with this gun. 

But, overall, it is a great practice hunting gun that you can use to target practice.


  • So-so power
  • Great for beginners
  • Highly accurate which compensates for the lack of power
  • Great and sleek build


  • Not great for long-range shooting
  • Quite hard to load pellets

What to Look for in a Great Pellet Gun?

There are a few things you should look for in finding an excellent pellet gun that would be suitable for hunting small game animals such as a squirrel. Below, we have listed some of the factors of what goes into an excellent pellet gun which are its build or construction, FPS, its caliber, lastly, its ammunition or its pellets.

Build Quality

How a pellet gun is built is one of the most critical factors of a great pellet gun. A pellet gun’s build determines its durability, reliability, and overall quality as a pellet gun as well as its performance in the field. 

It would be frustrating if you are ready to aim and fire on your target, but it suddenly malfunctions, right? Which is why you should be cautious in purchasing cheaper pellet guns, as it does not guarantee the best possible outcomes when it comes to hunting a small live animal. However, I am not saying that all cheap pellet guns will not provide a good hunting experience because I admit that some of the pellet guns in the cheaper range are top-notch. But if you do want to get that extreme and exhilarating hunting experience, then I would suggest you get a pellet gun that will get an excellent value for your money, whether it may be a little bit cheaper or a high-end one. As long as it is up to your standards and would give you the hunting experience you want, then go for it!

FPS (Velocity)

The FPS is how strong your pellet gun can shoot.  FPS means “feet per second,” which is the velocity at which the ammunition propels out of the magazine. The higher the FPS of a pellet gun, the stronger and more powerful it can shoot a squirrel. With a higher FPS, the more power the pellet has to shoot forward. 

The FPS of a pellet can vary from the type of pellet you use to the weight of the pellet. So naturally, a heavier pellet will have a lower FPS but will increase the accuracy of the pellet. To get an even better understanding of the FPS of airsoft guns, you can check this link.


When hunting small game animals, you have to be careful of what caliber you would use for your pellet gun. Why? Because your choice of caliber could cause your small prey to lose its meat due to the strong impact, and we don’t want that, right? Especially if you are going to eat its meat or showcase it as your winning squirrel.

Throughout the years, two calibers have some hunters at a loss for choosing. Of course, that is the .177 and the .22 caliber air gun. But why do you think the .177 and the .22 caliber gun are the top two choices when squirrel hunting? Well, we will be talking about both of its features, differences, and similarities.

.177 Caliber

A .177 caliber air gun is one if not, the most used caliber. You would see them all over physical and online gun shops. It is because the .177 is small, lighter, and cheaper compared to the .22 caliber. And because it’s cheaper, smaller, and a little bit more compact as opposed to the .22, people get more pellets in the tin. 

Not only that but because it is lighter and smaller, shooting them at a fast speed results in a relatively flat trajectory of the pellet, especially at a smaller range, making it ideal for target shooting.

The downside of the .177 caliber is that because the pellet is so light, it can reach up to 1000 FPS or more which can lead the pellet to start to wobble. This would compromise and decrease its accuracy. In turn, you can not hunt small game animals from about 200 yards with guns with a .177 caliber and a very high FPS. 

.22 Caliber

Now, the .22 caliber. The .22 caliber is slightly bigger and heavier than the .177 caliber, which makes the .22 a little better for hunting small game animals. 

With the .22 being ever so slightly bigger and heavier, it would be able to pack a punch and kill your squirrel as fast and humanely as possible. But because it is somewhat heavier than the .177, the .22 would have a slightly lower velocity, but it is still fast and would still hurt compared to other calibers. 

As for the accuracy of the .22, its trajectory is not as flat as the .177, though it can still do its job like a piece of cake. But if you are going to compare the accuracy of both calibers, the .177 takes the win for accuracy. 

So, overall, although both have their downsides, both are still great for hunting. It only depends on the given situation. But if we were to choose, we would choose the .22 caliber due to the fact that it can kill small game animals very quickly and as humane as possible. In addition, it is heavier, has more power and energy, and more accurate as opposed to a .177 caliber. 


Lastly, the type of pellet you are going to use for your pellet gun. There are a lot of types of pellets you can choose from. And from what you choose will determine if you are going to have a successful squirrel hunting experience. Each type has its distinctive feature, whether it be the weight or size difference, how it looks, and how effective it is to hunt small game animals. But we will go more in-depth about pellets later on.

These are some of the deciding factors of a great pellet gun, so you have to be on the lookout for the best for you to have that exciting hunting experience.

Why Your Choice of Pellet Matters

There are a lot of different pellet types that you have to consider in finding the best pellet to use when you’re thinking of hunting squirrels. There is a hollow pellet, a pointed pellet, a high-velocity pellet, and a lot more. You have to learn each of its features to determine which one to use when you go out into the field. 

If you want to learn more about pellets and their many different types, then our article “Pellet Gun VS BB Gun – Is There a Difference?” is the article for you!

For hunting small game animals such as squirrels, you want to focus on its accuracy, especially in far ranges because squirrels are sensitive animals. They would run at the sound of rustling, so having a pellet and pellet gun that is great in stealth would be a dream.

So, what should you look for in a pellet for hunting squirrels?

Size and Shape

As I have mentioned, pellets have different types, which means that each style has its own distinct size and shape. A pellets’ size and shape are significant because the measure has something to do with the velocity of the pellet propelling out of the pellet gun. While the shape does not only have something to do with the pellets’ velocity but also the impact on which the pellet will hit your target, and in this case, the squirrel. 

For example, pointed pellets are mostly aerodynamic. Therefore, they retain their velocity very well, penetrate the target better because of how pointed the tip of the pellet is, and it is very accurate. 

Check out our article mentioned above about “Pellet Gun VS BB Gun – Is There a Difference” to better understand all the different types of pellets and their features. 


The weight of a pellet gun is something you should try and experiment on, or if you do not have the means to try and test it yourself, you can try asking other experienced hunters about their inputs. But essentially, the weight of the pellet can determine if it would have a higher or lower velocity and if it would be as accurate. 

To put it simply, a heavier pellet might have a lower velocity, but it will be more accurate because its weight will keep it steady during the flight from the pellet gun to the target. While a lighter one would have a higher and faster velocity but it would slightly compromise the accuracy.

But each type of pellet does not necessarily have such a big difference in weight. So, each downside does not have much of a difference from the other. You have to find which pellet type would suit you and where you plan to hunt down your squirrel.


Lastly, pellet material is very crucial to an excellent pellet gun. There are several choices for a pellets’ material, but the most commonly used material is lead and lead alloy. Pellets are typically made with lead because it is dense, quite heavy, and easy to make compared to using a different material. In addition, lead is a soft type of metal that makes it easier to handle and assemble. 

You can also use other materials such as bismuth, steel, tin, and even rigid plastic to create a pellet. But, as mentioned, the weight of the material is what makes up the pellet, making the material a deciding factor of the pellets’ overall weight. 

The Best Pellet to Use for Squirrel Hunting

Here, we have listed a few .177 and .22 caliber pellets that you can use for your pellet gun that would be perfect for hunting and getting your winning squirrel. Find which one would suit your tastes and would be able to help you achieve your squirrel hunting goals.

.177 Caliber

1. GAMO Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets


  • Quantity: Tin of 150
  • Material: Lead
  • Tin of 150 state-of-the-art Red Fire pellets
  • Diamond-shaped polymer trip for true ballistic trajectory
  • Polymer tip creates a mushrooming effect on impact
  • Velocity of up to 843 per second
  • 0.177 caliber
  • Pellets weigh 7.8 grams each

The GAMO Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets offer a high level of precision and a ballistic trajectory. The design and quality are outstanding, and the material used to make this pellet can withstand oxidation. The diamond design of the pellet is ideal for hunting small game animals as the tip of the diamond shape contributes to the deadly effect when it hits your target. This is especially good with a rifle with a high velocity as it would be able to kill a squirrel as quickly and as humanely as possible. 

The pellets are .177 caliber and weigh 7.8 grams. The velocity can reach up to 843 fps, depending on what gun you use. 

The lead material is very high-quality and very durable. And with its long-lasting material, the pellet is also reliable as it can hold its quality for a long-time. 

Though a pack only contains 150 pellets, it may seem a bit expensive for its quantity, but it is already a great value for your money if you take a look at its quality. 


  • Can kill swiftly
  • Durable and reliable
  • The diamond shape polymer tip


  • More expensive than other pellets.

2. Crosman 7-P577


  • Great pellet for pest control or field hunting
  • Pointed design – better long range performance and penetration
  • Maximum distance from your air gun
  • Good pellet for casual target shooting
  • 500 pellets

The Crosman 7-P577 .177-caliber pellets can easily be used to hunt small game animals such as rabbits, mice, and of course, squirrels. Crossman has been known for its tactical shooting products. Customers of Crossman are always satisfied with the quality of their products, and this pellet is another one of their high-rated products. 

These pellets have a pointed shape, and they have an aerodynamic design that helps them perform well over extended distances. These pellets were subjected to highly stringent quality control procedures during the production process, resulting in exceptional accuracy and quality construction. These are among the most excellent squirrel hunting .177-caliber pellets. 

You will get the quantity of 500 pellets per tin, and they weigh about 5.6 ounces. Overall, this is a great and budget-friendly pellet. These pellets are highly recommended, especially when hunting small game animals.


  • Highly accurate
  • Great quality 
  • Perfect for hunting small game animals
  • Great value for your money


  • Inconsistent sizes of pellets

3. RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet


  • Produced in the classic diabolo shape
  • Head design, tail section and special form of the pellet plate give optimum stabilization of the pellet in the air rifle’s barrel and create sharply punched holes
  • Tight production tolerances combined with strict testing conditions lead to further optimization of accuracy
  • Constantly monitored for quality during the entire production phase to give the shooter the ultimate in accuracy and performance
  • Optoelectronically inspected for absolute consistency in size
  • Made with exceptional material quality that delivers a spotless surface finish that is protected from oxidation for long term storage
  • Heavyweight: 8.2 grains; Lightweight: 7 grains
  • Quantity: 500 pellets

These gun pellets have a distinctive diabolo design. Because of this type of head structure, tail section, and the particular type of pellet plate, the RWS offers outstanding barrel stability in the pellet gun you would use these pellets with.

Due to these pellets’ resilience, it is easy to produce clean shots, especially when hunting down squirrels. They are able to kill them quickly and humanely. 

And with these pellets being subjected to tight production tolerances as well as stringent testing conditions, this resulted in the flawless consistency and accuracy of shots every time. The RWS pellets have been continually checked during manufacture, offering users superior accuracy and efficiency.

With the Opto-electrical examination, it has become known that these pellets have a uniform size. The manufacturers use high-quality materials, making the surface of these pellets extremely smooth. With high-quality materials, oxidation has no adverse effects on the product, making these pellets very reliable, which you can easily keep for a long time.


  • Great value for your money
  • Is not affected by oxidation
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Consistent sizes
  • Powerful


  • Not really effective at long range

.22 Caliber

1. Crosman Premier


  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • .22 Caliber Pellets
  • 14.3-Grain Hollow Point Design
  • Perfect for small game hunting
  • 500 pellets per tin
  • Made in the USA
  • Hollow point
  • Hunting Pellet
  • Coated material: lead

As mentioned, Crossman products are widely known for their excellent quality and features. They are great for tactical shooting, and the Crossman Premier can live up to its reputation.

The Crossman Premier is a hollow point pellet perfect for hunting small game animals like rabbits, mice, and squirrels. Hollowpoint pellets can expand, which causes vital damage to your target, especially if you use these pellets hand-in-hand with a powerful rifle. 

These pellets are designed to kill swiftly and humanely, which is great when you’re hunting live animals. The Crossman Premier is lightweight, so you can expect them to fly quicker and harder. 

Each tin contains 500 pellets, so it would be impossible for you to find deformities, dents, and casting mistakes on the surface of these pellets. This is because they are packed inside the tin, so there is no movement inside the tin, preventing any deformities to the pellets.


  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Swift and powerful
  • Perfect for hunting


  • Only expands when shot at a quick speed

2. JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber


  • Heavy Hitting: This pellet’s hollow point design, along with its extremely high ballistic coefficient, means less drag and more energy delivery at the target.
  • Incredible Accurate: Pellet is an intermediate weight, round nose pellet that will deliver improved flight stabilization and fine accuracy.
  • Perfect for Hunting: Pellets are very heavy, making them ideal as a hunting pellet. One shot is all you need for hunting medium-sized game, including hare, fox, squirrels, and birds
  • Excellent at long-range: Pellet is designed for accuracy and knockdown power even at longer ranges, making it a powerful and versatile hunting pellet.
  • Precisely crafted: It is carefully designed, precisely produced and hand-pick quality controlled.

The JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber are domed pellets with higher aerodynamic efficiency than other types of pellets. This means that they are perfect for hunting as they hit harder across longer distances. Its tip is heavier compared to different pellets, so they deliver a solid blow to your target. And because of their medium weight and round nose shape, the pellets provide excellent flying stability.

And as mentioned, you can even hunt with these pellets to shoot down a medium-sized animal because, at long range, they still provide you with a powerful and accurate shot. 

The main drawback is that they’re more pricey than other pellets, yet nothing compares to their power and accuracy.


  • Great at long range
  • Highly accurate
  • Powerful
  • Durable and reliable
  • Perfect for hunting even medium-sized animals


  • Pricier as compared to other pellets

3. Haendler & Natermann Hornet Pointed Pellets


  • Incomparable Penetration: The Hornet provides incredible penetration, thanks to its pointed tip that’s made from real brass. 
  • Incredibly Accurate: The Hornet creates a super snug fit inside the barrel of your .22 cal airgun, providing precision that makes it extremely accurate every time, for a consistent and reliable shooting experience.
  • Perfect for Hunting The Hornet’s incredible penetration, velocity, accuracy, and expansion make it a truly devastating hunting pellet. One shot is all you need for a range of medium game and bird game, including raccoon, hare, fox, duck, and pheasant.
  • Excellent at close range: The Hornet .22 cal is remarkably accurate within 40 yards, making it ideal for backyard vermin extermination.
  • Precisely Crafted: Engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, each pellet is guaranteed for maximum quality and accuracy. Even the container is carefully designed and crafted, with a screw-on lid to prevent accidental pellet spills.

These Haendler & Natermann Hornet pellets are pointed pellets that can cause severe damage to your target due to their sharp and pointed tip. These pellets are a great choice for hunting small game animals because they offer almost the same aerodynamic advantages as domed pellets. 

They hold their velocity better than different types of pellets, which allows them to fire flatter and penetrate more profoundly, especially at longer distances. And if you choose to use a lower-powered gun, such as a pistol, these pellets would perform better than domed pellets. These pointed pellets also weigh a lot less, making them fly at a faster speed. And because they are able to fly at a quicker speed, their velocity and power would penetrate your target better, killing your target swiftly. 

But something to take note of is that because of their lighter weight, these pellets would be a little less accurate because they might be wobbly during their flight. Although it is not really noticeable, it is still a great choice of pellets.

They are also a little pricier than the other pellets, but their quality and effectiveness in hunts are what makes them worth their price. 


  • Perfect for hunting, even if you use a low powered gun 
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Great for long range
  • Lightweight
  • Can hold their velocity
  • Consistent
  • High-quality


  • Pricier
  • Lightweight


Hunting small game animals is an exhilarating feeling because you get the thrill of finding and hunting small swift animals, especially if you are in a hunting competition. Your competitiveness of finding the best squirrel that would lead you to your win is something you will never forget. 

But, hunting should be a fun experience. You shouldn’t hunt just for the sole purpose of winning, although winning does bring an extra accomplishing factor. But hunting, whether you are alone or with a group, is already a fun experience. 

And if you are hunting for the sole purpose of getting its meat, then you should choose a pellet and pellet gun that is not too strong that would blow off too much of the squirrel.

Overall, take your time researching about the different types of pellets and pellet guns and just have fun in general!

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