If you strike up a conversation about concealed carry, pistols are guaranteed to come up. Pistols have taken precedence in the firearms market. If you are unable to carry a pistol for whatever reason, be it affordability or simply not having enough time to get your concealed carry license, you will be happy to know that there are other options for you to defend yourself.

You do not have to have an immense amount of skill to protect yourself or others, you only must have a tool and a little common sense. Let us look at what options you have outside of the firearm world.

1. Pepper spray

pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the most popular non-firearm options for self-defense. Pepper spray is readily available at firearm stores, box stores such as Walmart, and other places you may visit in your normal routines. Pepper spray comes in either a gel or foam form and is typically made with chili extracts. The chili extracts make it difficult to see when in the eyes and to breathe when inhaled.

As you can imagine, this can impair your attacker for a long enough time for you to get away. An important thing to remember, though, is where the exit is on the pepper spray device so that you do not accidentally spray yourself. Pepper sprays are popular because they are easily acquired, easy to operate, and easy to conceal.

As with other weapons, there are some restrictions on where you can take pepper spray. For example, taking it on a plane is prohibited.

2. Tasers


Tasers have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among women. Tasers deliver a shock of electricity to the perpetrator, causing them to lose balance or even mobility. Not only would the shock of electrocution throw you off guard, but the pain would as well.

Most civilian tasers have prongs that shoot out of the taser and pierce through clothing and skin to deliver the shock. The shock can be felt in the assailant’s muscles, demobilizing them for a time. This will give you time to escape and find shelter.

Tasers are considered safer than their cousin, the stun gun, as you can be up to fifteen feet away from the assailant and still effectively use the weapon. Tasers are easy to conceal and easy to access. Keep in mind the laws of your state, though, as some states such as New York and Hawaii prohibit the sale and ownership of tasers.

3. Tactical Flashlights

tactical flashlight

If you want a weapon that can be used as defense that you are not prohibited from owning, you can get a tactical flashlight. Tactical flashlights are made of heavy-duty material such as aluminum and steel to avoid breaking easily and to provide a sturdy weapon if you need to hit someone with it.

Furthermore, tactical flashlights have a very intense light that will blind a person if you shine it into their eyes. All you must do is turn the flashlight on, shine it directly in the attacker’s eyes, and run. The person would be kind for about four seconds or so, giving you time to get away.

Having an LED flashlight of about 200 lumens will also light up an area where an attacker may be hiding, hopefully deterring them before they even attack.

4. Pocket and Tactical Knives

pocket knives

If you are a person who loves to have tools on hand, you enjoy looking at diverse types of pocket knives when you enter various stores. Pocket knives and tactical knives come in varying sizes, all of which are easily concealable in a pocket, a purse, or even on the inside of a boot. Some types are heavily regulated, but many are available and are marketed specifically toward women.

Most can be flipped outward with one hand. There are even some that are disguised as a comb to keep people from suspecting you have a defense weapon on your person. You will have to be close to the assailant to effectively use the knife for defense, but it will help you if you are able to get it open and stab them.

If you are a frequent traveler, though, you will want to be sure to remember if you have the pocket knife on you or in your carry-on bags. They should be put in a check bag if you are flying. One of our favorite stores for all our knife needs is BladeOps.

5. Learn Fighting/Self Defense Techniques

self defense

What better concealed carry weapon to have than your own two hands (and feet)? Self-defense classes are readily available in most areas and do not typically cost an unseen amount. If you do not have access to other weapons, are afraid to have them on your person, or are in a situation where you cannot have any other defense weapon with you, learning to fight is your best option to keeping yourself safe in the event of an attack.

Most self-defense disciplines such as jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do, judo make use of your attacker’s energy and redirect it back at them. No matter what defense method you choose, you will be able to block their attack, deflect it, or even neutralize them so that you can get to safety.


In conclusion, you can rest assured that there are many options for you to defend yourself even if you do not want to carry a firearm. All these options are readily available, easy to use (or learn, in the instance of fighting), effective, and easy to conceal. No one must know that you are prepared for an attack, nor should they.

Having the ability to protect yourself in any situation empowers you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be, and experience life without being hindered by fear. Take advantage of one or more of these conceal carry options that do not involve pistols and do not require a license so that you will be protected in every area and situation. Keep your freedom in your hands and be prepared to defend yourself.

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