Physical games such as paintball and airsoft are excellent ways for people who enjoy physical activities to relieve tension while also having a good time with their friends. However, for many people, in addition to the enjoyment they derive from these sports, the possibility of being hurt is an important consideration when participating.

While some players are unconcerned about this aspect and are only concerned with having a good time, others are really interested in learning more about it. You will therefore find a large number of search results on the topic of airsoft vs. paintball on the internet. So, in order to determine which is more painful – airsoft or paintball – we have written this essay.

Paintballs have a higher pain quotient than any airsoft game, and this can be stated without a doubt and with complete agreement among expert players. We have attempted to explain the reasons for this in greater detail below.

Is It Better To Play Paintball Or Airsoft? Which hurts more?

Injury to the eyes and ankles is common among athletes in both sports, according to statistics. Turning an ankle is fairly common when running on uneven ground or in wooded regions, and it can happen at any time. A trip over some invisible garbage or a foot caught in a tree root is more than sufficient cause for complaint.

Eye injuries, on the other hand, are a different story. If a player receives a direct strike to the eye, the player will suffer damage. When a paintball reaches the eye, the damage is usually only transitory; but, if a smaller, harder plastic ‘bullet’ strikes the eye, the damage can be permanent. Regardless of the situation, it is negligent to not wear eye protective equipment. Experienced players will never take such a risk, regardless of the game they are playing.

Reasons Why Paintball Hurts More Than Other Airsoft


Despite the fact that both types of guns from which these balls are fired have the same speed (between 350 and 400 fps), the structure of the balls vary, and as a result, one hurts more than the other. When compared to paintball, airsoft is significantly lighter than paintball. While the first variety weighs less than a quarter of a gram, the second weighs 12 times as much.

Each of these balls releases a distinct quantity of energy, which is reflected in their respective sizes. Because the weights of the balls differ, the amount of potential energy stored in them also differs between them. In addition to having various kinetic energies, they also have different causes. A paintball, on the other hand, will release 12.5 joules of kinetic energy when fired, depending on the type of paintball used.

Each ball strikes the ground with a different force as a result of the large discrepancy in their respective energies. Consequently, when someone is attacked by a paintball, they will have a considerable deal of welting and pain will be felt over a bigger area of the skin.

What differentiates airsoft guns from paintball guns, and how do they differ from one another?

Guns are the most important piece of equipment in both games, and they are given a great deal of attention in each of them. There are significant distinctions between airsoft and paintball firearms in terms of the weapons themselves, as well as the attachments that are required for each type of weapon and ammunition.

A loader, sometimes known as a hopper, is used to put paintball ammunition into the gun. It is because they must be able to handle as many 50 to 68 caliber paintballs as they possibly can that they are so huge. Paintball hoppers of high quality force-feed the paintballs into the gun so that they can be fired. They can contain between 200 and 300 paintballs. Paintball guns are powered by batteries, which are rechargeable. By virtue of their weight, the paintballs maintain the accuracy of their trajectory, which is not influenced by wind or small branches. It is possible to get a reasonable range out of them since they use pressurized gas to eject the paintballs.

The compressed gas tanks necessary for power generation, on the other hand, are enormous. Because of the large size of the paintball, players can see the precise trajectory they are shooting for and can change their shots if they are firing too low or too high in comparison to their adversaries.

The differences between airsoft BB guns and paintball guns are quite considerable, as you can see in the comparison chart. When airsoft weapons shoot their tiny spherical plastic ‘bullets,’ they have a diameter of only 8 millimeters. When compared to paintball weapons, which can become jammed as a result of chopped paintballs, the airsoft gun does not suffer from this problem.

In comparison to other types of BB guns and ammo, spring-powered motors are substantially cheaper, making it easier to get into the sport. When it comes to high-end paintball and airsoft guns, the pricing are nearly identical across the two categories. As with actual firearms, plastic “bullets” are put into the handgun using a magazine in the same manner as real bullets are loaded into the pistol. They are less weightless than prior models, and they are significantly easier to travel around the gaming world than they were.

After you’ve removed the empty magazine and replaced it with a filled one, you’re finished. During a tournament, there will be no attempt to fill a paintball hopper that has already been depleted of paintballs. It is not always easy to keep track of the ammo used in airsoft. Aside from the fact that they are exposed to head and side winds, the small size of the plastic “bullet” and the low weight of the aircraft make them especially vulnerable.

Paintball and Airsoft Safety Tips to Keep You Safe While Playing

paintball safety tips

Pellets will not pose a serious threat to your health and well-being provided you have taken the required precautions before participating in paintball or airsoft activities. The most efficient approach of avoiding damage is to wear high-quality protective gear. When it comes to protecting your body, your eyes are the most important organ to consider. When playing airsoft, your goggles should provide appropriate coverage to save your eyes from being injured by flying debris.

If you intend to participate in paintball, you should consider obtaining a full-face mask. In terms of impact energy, a ruptured paintball round has the same value as an airsoft pellet; however, the splash aspect of a ruptured paintball round must also be taken into consideration. Painting with paintballs or playing with airsoft can result in harm to other parts of the face as well. In order to protect your ears, neck, and throat from injury, try to keep them covered whenever feasible.

Having your fingers exposed in case an incoming missile is aimed at them is also a good idea in this situation. It is possible that a pellet will cause severe discomfort because of the lack of muscle and fat composition in the fingers and thumbs. It is also necessary to wear protective equipment, however you will want a pair of gloves that allow you to move the marker or airsoft pistol with sufficient dexterity while playing..

Here are the finest tips to help you stop paintballs or airsoft from hurting and lessen the intensity of the bruises or welts that remain after the agony has subsided.

  • Wear Several Layers Of Clothing

Wearing numerous layers of clothes is the greatest approach to lessen the amount of pain you experience when hit by a paintball and the likelihood that it will leave a bruise or welt behind. Not just any gear, but several layers of long-sleeved shirts and slacks. The more layers you wear, the less likely it is that you may get wounded or bruised. Just make sure to dress in layers that are appropriate for the weather.

You don’t want to suffer from heat exhaustion while out on the field. And believe me, if you start rushing and crawling around everywhere, things will heat up quickly. It’s also a good idea to wear anything like a cap or a head band to keep your head from getting shot and damaged.

  • Put On Body Armour and Gloves

Wearing body protection – such as neck and chest guards – and gloves is another wonderful technique to decrease the discomfort of getting shot by a paintball. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about what your coworkers and bosses will think about bruises and welts all over your body, it’s even more crucial that you cover and protect the places that would be difficult to hide at work. This means you’ll need gloves, headgear, a neck guard (learn how to protect your neck in paintball), and a mask that fits properly.

If you’re a guy, you might want to consider wearing compression shorts or pants with extra padding below the belt. You could wear a cup, but to be honest, I’ve never worn one since I felt it would be awkward. If you believe this is false, please post a comment below and let me know.

  • More Aggressive Play

Playing aggressively appears to have the reverse effect of lowering pain, but hear me out. If you play too defensively, your body will not produce as much adrenaline, causing you to feel more pain when you are shot. Now, if you play too aggressively, you’ll get shot a lot more, which will result in more bruises and welts. So perhaps the advice should not be to play more aggressively, but rather to play less defensively? Yeah! Let’s go with it for now.

  • Maintain your position in the middle of the pack

Staying in the middle of the pack when playing paintball is a simple strategy to lessen your chances of being shot. You could be thinking, “Hey, wouldn’t the people at the back of the group be the least likely to get shot?” While this is true most of the time, there is a good chance that players on the opposing team may flank around you and shoot you in the back.

It’s always the beginner gamers since they never seem to expect you to come up behind them. Stay in the center of the pack unless you’re completely positive that no hostile players may sneak behind you. Or, at the very least, in the back-to-midsection.

  • Put on camouflage

Players can’t shoot if they can’t see what they’re shooting at. While wearing camouflage will not alleviate the discomfort of being shot by a paintball or minimize the possibility of a bruise or welt being left behind, it will assist you in avoiding being shot. However, the best approach to avoid being shot is to avoid moving at all when the enemy is watching. Of course, wearing decent camouflage will help you stay concealed when playing woods ball, but moving slowly (or not at all) when playing woods ball can let you hide in plain sight without being observed.


In this article, we addressed the subject of “which hurts more, paintball or airsoft?” To summarize, we can confidently state that paintball is the more painful ball to be hit by than an airsoft ball.

Although paintballs are more painful than airsoft, both can cause significant discomfort if suitable protective gear is not employed. The advice above will not guarantee that you will not be shot by a paintball or that you will not wind up with bruises or welts, but they will greatly lessen the likelihood of either happening. If you absolutely cannot afford to be covered in bruises or welts (perhaps your wedding is in a few days), your best strategy is to avoid playing paintball entirely. As a result, it is strongly advised that you wear a sufficient layer of clothes, as well as goggles, headgear, and the gloves while playing these games to protect your valuable body parts from injury.

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