If you are looking into different muzzle devices but you are worried about the loudness of them, you may want to compare what is on the market. Some riflemen say that an AR15 rifle blast is even louder and more destructive to their hearing than a shotgun.

If you are new to the scene, this may come as a surprise to you. There are a few devices to steer clear from or to choose alternatives for so you can avoid doing yourself harm. These same devices may interest you if you want the loud noise that comes with them.

Sometimes, a few loud shots fired can make all the difference in your mental health and the level of fun you are having on the range! It will be easy to choose your desired devices once you have all the information. Let us get started.

First, what causes muzzle brakes, linear compensators, and flash hiders loud? Understanding the physical dynamics that cause the issue will help you to keep an eye out for it as you seek out alternatives.

Muzzle Brakes For Your AR-15

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What does a muzzle brake do? In simple terms, it helps lessen the recoil you experience when firing your weapon. The way they work is that they push the gas through the sides instead of through the front of the rifle. This reduces the recoil but makes it much louder.

The gas being pushed to the sides makes it louder for the shooter, anyone behind them, and those on the side. Therefore, you can often feel the blast from the next range over if a muzzle brake is used.

If you are wanting a loud muzzle brake for your AR15, the Precision Armament M4-72 Severe Duty will not disappoint. It delivers a large concussion and those beside you should be aware! This muzzle brake helps reduce recoil significantly, by 74.03%! That is the best recoil reduction on the market.

On the other side of the coin, if you are wanting something that will reduce recoil but has a more reasonable noise rate, you will want to investigate the Dead Air Armament Key Mount. It reduces recoil by 56.63% and has a reasonable concussion control. Your range neighbors may thank you for using this option instead of the M4-72!

Linear Compensators Push Sound Forward

A linear compensator helps keep the muzzle down while firing, and it pushes the gasses forward. Pushing the gasses forward can make the shot sound louder to the target than to the rifleman or those surrounding them. Since this device pushes the gasses outward, or in a linear fashion, the device is called a linear compensator.

They tend to have the best effect on shorter barreled guns, but they can be used on long barrels, too.

One of the best AR15 linear compensators on the market is the Hera Arms LC Linear Compensator Gen 2. This compensator features twelve different expansion chambers which helps reduce the overall noise for the shooter.

Since the gases go through the front of the compensator, free float hand guards and rail systems can be added without issue. This second-generation version has 30% less weight than the first generation and is smaller in diameter, making it easier to combine with hand guards and rail systems.

Another popular option for linear compensators is the Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System. It is a newer system, giving you all the benefits of both a muzzle brake and a linear compensator. It is easy to add to your weapon and to take off, so if you are wanting to reduce the noise in certain situations but would like to hear that satisfying sound in others, this is the best option for you.

The Ferfrans system reduces muzzle rise and pushes the gasses forward. This is a newer system but it has proven popular among riflemen.

AR 15 Flash Hiders Don’t Reduce Sound

Flash hiders are designed to help protect the vision of the shooter, especially in the dark. They work by breaking up the unspent gunpowder and gasses and pushing them in a specific direction. The idea is to keep the flash from being seen by the shooter, but it will still be seen by bystanders or the target.

The problem with flash hiders is that they do not provide any significant reduction in recoil or muzzle rise. For this reason, you may consider combining a flash hider with another compatible muzzle device to assist you on the range.

One of the best flash hiders is the classic A2 birdcage. It has stood the test of time and provides excellent flash reduction. The A2 is used by the U.S. military and by many veterans due to its availability and ease of installation. It can be used on various weapons, but specifically works the best on longer barrel rifles such as the AR15.

The best part of the A2 is that it can act as a compensator as well, since it helps reduce the muzzle climb and can help you stay on target. This is another reason it has stood the test of time and has been used by the military for years.

Similarly, the American Special Operations Command chose to primarily use the SOCOM 4-Prong Flash Hider. This is a four-prong design that can be bent, but the Surefire company has wisely reinforced the prongs. The SOCOM has a classic design with a heat-treated stainless-steel shell. This makes it a rugged and durable option.

Whether you are new to the scene and are wanting to reduce the noise you are introduced to with your rifle or if you are a pro and are wanting to enjoy the satisfaction of a large “boom,” there are muzzle devices out there tailored to you. Some research can be done to find the device that best fits your needs.

Some can be combined to help meet all your needs! Keep an eye out for what you want in a muzzle device, use this article as a guide to the best ones out there, and better your performance with your chosen accessories. The sky is the limit.

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